Nutty Caramelote Fudge Sundae

This recipe includes sweet and salty flavors that appeal to each and every sense required to become fully indulged with a dessert. One bite into the sundae mix and your taste buds are on a wild journey through a sweet, rich caramel and chocolate wonderland. Once you bite into the crunchy layer of nuts, your … Continue reading Nutty Caramelote Fudge Sundae

Cocoa-Berry Blast Sundae

Last year I participated in the Vegan Ice Cream Sundae Challenge hosted by Heather Pace of The task was to create an original vegan ice cream sundae that was delicious, vegan, and somewhat simple, and super creative. I believe I submitted about three different recipes. Although I didn't win, I really had a blast … Continue reading Cocoa-Berry Blast Sundae