Raspberry Chipotle Sauce, and Enchiladas with Raspberry Chipotle Spread

Summer is a great time for sweet and spicy snacks and dishes. I love the flavors of hot and spicy together, especially in sauces and salsas. chipotle is basically a smoked-dry jalapeño pepper. This pepper has the right amount of heat with smoke flavor. It pairs well with berries and citrus. I particularly love the … Continue reading Raspberry Chipotle Sauce, and Enchiladas with Raspberry Chipotle Spread

Zucchini and Parsley Pate

One of the main staples in raw food I have found is pate. Pate is used for dips, spreads, fillings, and sometimes thick sauces. You can create a variety of delicious and nutritious pates. This recipe I came up with when trying to decide what to do with my leftover parsley and zucchini. It's super good! Zucchini … Continue reading Zucchini and Parsley Pate

Diviana Nectar – Product Review

Diviana Nectar Is an incredibly delicious and amazing raw honey blend of superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and herbs, spices and coconut oil. This organic and wildcrafted spread tastes amazing on raw breads and crackers, in smoothies, or just by the spoonful! Diviana Nectar is loaded with enzymes and high-density nutrition. It is adaptogenic, immune enhancing, promotes … Continue reading Diviana Nectar – Product Review