Spicy-Coconut Cheese Sandwich

I personally like to eat sandwiches and wraps. Since bread can not be a staple in my diet due to my sensitivities, I exchange bread-like products with raw breads and crackers made with nuts, seeds, and veggies. Or, I’ll use lettuce leaves, collards, and chard leaves instead. It works out perfectly and tastes incredible.Since dairy … Continue reading Spicy-Coconut Cheese Sandwich

Spicy African Flax Bread

This flax bread is absolutely FABULOUS! The flavor is incredibly tasty and spicy! It goes great with nut cheese, as a sandwich, or by itself. I've included the video demo with this post as well. I gave the recipe the name "Spicy African Flax Bread" because of the actual spice ingredient used, which is a very hot … Continue reading Spicy African Flax Bread