Kelp Noodles with Pumpkin Seed, Red Bell Pepper Pesto Sauce

It’s nice to have a pasta dish once in a while. However, pasta really isn’t the best thing for you. Most pastas are glutinous, hard to digest, and can spike your sugar levels. The gluten free pastas don’t always hold up well. You can definitely use zucchini in place of pasta, but sometimes it’s just … Continue reading Kelp Noodles with Pumpkin Seed, Red Bell Pepper Pesto Sauce

Seaweed, Apple and Avocado Salad

This seaweed salad is one of the easiest meals to fix. Not much to it.  Here’s the recipe:Ingredients:1 package mixed sea vegetables (preferably fresh)1 large apple (sweet variety)1 small avocado (peeled and stoned)drizzle EVOOdash of sea saltdash of ground pepperdash of garlic powderPreparation:Chop apple and avocado into chunks. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and … Continue reading Seaweed, Apple and Avocado Salad

“Tuna-Less” Stuffed Avocado Served with fresh Machet (Lamb’s Lettuce)

Here's another great way to have your "tuna" and save the fish too! I was checking out a variety of blogspots and recipe sites when I came across a variety of "tuna-less" recipes that use sunflower seeds and dried Dulse flakes or granules. Usually I use almonds and soaked Dulse or soaked Wakame, as I … Continue reading “Tuna-Less” Stuffed Avocado Served with fresh Machet (Lamb’s Lettuce)

Creamy Cucumer-Wakame Soup with Shitake

This recipe was inspired by another recipe I found on It was an entry made by Chef John Kohler. I just slightly changed it up a bit. I hope you like it. If you get the chance view all the recipes submitted on and pick your favorite. There are a lot of great … Continue reading Creamy Cucumer-Wakame Soup with Shitake

Ocean Greens Cucumber Roll-up

This was such a fun and delicious recipe to make! I love seaweed, and I love cucumber. This is a great way to enjoy them! 🙂 Pate: 1 cup soaked almonds cayenne pepper (to taste) handful fresh parsley 2 celery sticks chopped finely 1 carrot chopped finely dash sea salt drizzle of Bragg's Amino Acids … Continue reading Ocean Greens Cucumber Roll-up

Sea Spaghetti and Marinara Sauce, with Avocado

Sea spaghetti is a delicious and nutritious seaweed. It looks like spaghetti,and when soaked has the texture of pasta “aldente” style. I wanted to eat it like spaghetti, so I made a nice marinara sauce, and laid it on a bed of lettuce. You don’t have to add the avocado, or the pine nuts, or … Continue reading Sea Spaghetti and Marinara Sauce, with Avocado