Sweet Red Kale Salad

Salads are one of my favorite things to eat on a daily basis. I always include delicious leafy greens, something sweet, and something crunchy. One of my favorite greens to use is kale. There are several varieties. This recipe includes red kale, paired with apples, pecans, and dried fruit. It’s simple, hearty, nutritious and delicious. … Continue reading Sweet Red Kale Salad

Seaweed Salad Rolls

I absolutely love seaweed! Seaweed is so good for you it really should be a part of the daily diet. It is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and rare trace elements. Seaweeds are algae and have unique health and nutritional properties. They have been a main source of “green” food for thousands of years. Seaweed … Continue reading Seaweed Salad Rolls

Cucumber Sandwiches

I love sandwiches, cucumbers, and Arugula. This recipe that I originally posted back in April of 2009 takes these three ingredients and puts them together in a simple, delicious, and fork-free-eating way. I know you will enjoy this one. You can also use the cucumber sandwich concept with other sandwich ingredients. You can even leave … Continue reading Cucumber Sandwiches

Mango, Pineapple Chunky Salsa

Living in Arizona during the summer time can become quite uncomfortable, as the temperatures can get as high as 120+ degrees Fahrenheit. The air is usually so hot and dry, that it feels like your body is on fire at times. The only great place to be is in an air conditioned place, or in … Continue reading Mango, Pineapple Chunky Salsa

Swiss Chard Salad with Apples and Pecans

I love my super food greens! As you know kale is a big part of my diet - so are collard greens. Well, lately I have discovered another super green that I can't be without. Introducing Swiss Chard! That's right, Swiss Chard! Swiss Chard is probably one of the most vitamin and mineral rich super … Continue reading Swiss Chard Salad with Apples and Pecans

Edamame-Cuke Salad

Although Edamame beans should be limited as much as possible, I do crave them on occasions. So, I decided to make this simple salad to enjoy some. Ingredients: 1 cup Edamame beans (removed from pods) 2 handfuls micro herbs 2-3 Persian cucumbers (chopped into small pieces) 3T hemp seeds 2-3 handfuls baby Heirloom tomatoes (chopped … Continue reading Edamame-Cuke Salad

Roma-Kale Salad

Although this is a simple kale salad, I still wanted to include it since I used specific ingredients to make it have the flavor that it did. Ejoy! Ingredients: 4-5 leave Dinosaur Kale (chopped in strips) 4-5 leaves Romaine lettuce (chopped in strips) 3 small Roma tomatoes (chopped in quarters) 1/2 cup dried cranberries 3T … Continue reading Roma-Kale Salad

Raw Pepper Salad

It's Thursday, and I'm out of groceries. So I needed to be simple yet creative with preparing my meal. I had a variety of bell peppers (which I love), and some fresh corn, as well as some micro herbs - and now I have salad! Ingredients: 1 red bell pepper (seeded and chopped) 1 orange … Continue reading Raw Pepper Salad

Green Garden Salad

I made this delicious salad, topped with fresh cut avocado slices, and Frederic Patrenaud’s Better than Ranch Dressing - but you can use whatever dressing you like! Ingredients: Spinach Arugula Dandelion Mixed fresh green herbs and flowers Radicchio Green leaf lettuce Romaine lettuce Portobello mushroom chopped ½ peeled and sliced cucumber Corn from one cob … Continue reading Green Garden Salad

Simple Salad with Persian Cucumbers

I've been eating a lot of simple salads lately. Some with mixed lettuces, some with seaweed, and some with different kinds of cucumbers and tomatoes. Today's recipe uses Persian Cucumbers (very tasty), and Heirloom mini tomatoes (I love Heirlooms). Hope you like it. Ingredients: 1-2 Persian Cucumbers (tips cut off, and chopped into small pieces) … Continue reading Simple Salad with Persian Cucumbers