Vegan Wraps and Sandwiches (Transitional Foods)

Here are a few vegan and vegetarian styled wraps/sandwiches that make great transitional meals for those changing from a standard American diet to a high raw food, plant-based diet. The ingredients are easy to find in most grocery and health food stores. Enjoy!The Vegan Sandwich.Ingredients:2 pieces Seven Grain Crispy Tenders2 slices Ezekiel raisin bread1-2 T … Continue reading Vegan Wraps and Sandwiches (Transitional Foods)

Green Kale Roll Ups

This is an easy, quick way to have a filling, and nutritious meal when you are in a hurry. Enjoy!Ingredients:4-6 leaves Dinosaur kale (flat leaf kale)1 avocado2-3 handfuls mixed greens, micro herbs, sprouts1/4-1/2 cup edamame beans (optional)1 tsp (to taste) favorite dried herb mixPreparation:Remove stem, and middle vein from kale, leaving you with flexible flat … Continue reading Green Kale Roll Ups

Raw Sandwich with Tangy Tomato-Herb Nut Cheese

Here’s a simple raw sandwich recipe, using a tangy nut cheese that is quick and easy to make. It’s the perfect fresh meal to serve for lunch or dinner If you choose not use a raw bread or cracker, you could always opt for collard greens, or Romaine lettuce leaves for the “bread”. Enjoy!Tangy Tomato-Herb … Continue reading Raw Sandwich with Tangy Tomato-Herb Nut Cheese

Spicy-Coconut Cheese Sandwich

I personally like to eat sandwiches and wraps. Since bread can not be a staple in my diet due to my sensitivities, I exchange bread-like products with raw breads and crackers made with nuts, seeds, and veggies. Or, I’ll use lettuce leaves, collards, and chard leaves instead. It works out perfectly and tastes incredible.Since dairy … Continue reading Spicy-Coconut Cheese Sandwich

Raw Bawrritos with Brazil Nut Pate

Raw burritos and wraps are another staple in raw food cuisine. It's quick, easy, and delicious to just grab a burrito or wrap for lunch or dinner, or when you are on the go. There are a variety of "bean" like fillings to use. I really love using Brazil nuts for flavor and for the … Continue reading Raw Bawrritos with Brazil Nut Pate

Green Kale Roll-Ups

The other day I was out of everything, so I took the leftover kale, greens, and avocado I had and made these simple but delicious kale roll-ups. Enjoy! Green Kale Roll-Ups Ingredients: 4-6 leaves Dinosaur kale (flat leaf kale) 1 avocado 2-3 handfuls mixed greens, micro herbs, sprouts 1/4-1/2 cup edamame beans (optional) 1 tsp … Continue reading Green Kale Roll-Ups

Raw Beet Burgers and Jicama Chips

I've been in the mood for burgers, so I decided to make a new rendition of my favorite raw burgers made from beets. The beets give the burgers the color of beef, as well as the texture. The flavor is wonderful too! Try serving these burgers as wraps, or on your favorite raw bread. Include … Continue reading Raw Beet Burgers and Jicama Chips

Collard Wraps with Avocado Nut-Seed Pate

Now that the holiday season is officially over and behind us, I realized it's time to get back on track with my eating habits. Overall I haven't been too bad, but I want to break the organic processed chip habit I've formed again (it's been three days), and I want to eat more live fresh … Continue reading Collard Wraps with Avocado Nut-Seed Pate