Delish Nutty Clusters 4-Ways

I absolutely love sweet and salty nut clusters. The problem with the store bought, highly processed kind is just that – too processed! Too much refined sugar and too much bad salt! My idea of delicious clusters are just a little pink Himalayan or Celtic Sea salt to enhance the flavors of the other ingredients, … Continue reading Delish Nutty Clusters 4-Ways

Nutty Butter Balls

For the past 6 days I have been cleansing and fasting, so I haven’t had any new posts to share. However, I have been making meals for my hubby, which can be challenging since I’m not eating. I came up with this recipe on the fly to create a healthy snack for my husband to … Continue reading Nutty Butter Balls

Peachy Cobbler Bites

If your in the mood for some cobbler, or yummy donut like bites, this is the perfect raw snack ball recipe to use. This is definitely a dessert like ball, and is moist in texture. It goes great with raw vanilla ice cream, or with a cup of hot tea. I love these bites, and … Continue reading Peachy Cobbler Bites

Breakfast for Dinner!

Kate Magic’s “Raw Magic, Recipes for the Revolution” is one of my all-time favorite raw super food recipe books. Raw Magic has some of the most energized, and original raw recipes I’ve seen. It’s full of colorful and exciting photos, plus great in-depth information on the raw food diet and super foods. I love this … Continue reading Breakfast for Dinner!

Super Seedy Cereal

There is nothing “seedy” about this cereal, except it’s alive with chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and buckwheat. This cereal can double as trail mix if you add honey and dehydrate it longer. Use your favorite nut or coconut milk or juice to serve as a cereal. Enjoy!Ingredients:2 cups buckwheat soaked for 12-14 hours and dehydrated1 … Continue reading Super Seedy Cereal

Oatmeal Carob Cookies, and Super Food Crunch Cookies

Here’s a two for one cookie recipe post. These delicious cookies are great to share around the holidays or any time of year. You can roll them into balls, or flatten them to look like the standard coin shaped cookie. The first cookie recipe incorporates oatmeal with carob – super yummy! The second cookie was … Continue reading Oatmeal Carob Cookies, and Super Food Crunch Cookies

Raw Chocolate-Chip Disaster Cookies

The name “Disaster” came from the experience I had when I first tried to create these raw cookies a few years ago. I was actually attempting to make an chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, but created a tasty mess instead. I was trying so hard to create my own raw chocolate chips, as I had seen … Continue reading Raw Chocolate-Chip Disaster Cookies

Almond Chocolate Goodness Cookies

I love to make all kinds of raw cookies and goodies during the holidays. Here’s just one of many I wanted to share. Enjoy!Ingredients:1 cup raw oats1 cup raw almond meal¾ cup raw hazelnuts1 T raw vanilla bean powder¼ cup raw cacao powder¼ cup raw carob powder3 T raw mesquite powder½ T pink Himalayan salt2 … Continue reading Almond Chocolate Goodness Cookies

Spicy Mayan Cacao Squares

One of my all time favorite raw bars is the Mayan Spice Wild Bar created by Clive Adams, Founder, Ancient Sun Nutrition, Inc. These bars are so rich in flavor and energy. They are the perfect healthy treat when you want something sweet.As I always do, I wanted to create my own version so that I … Continue reading Spicy Mayan Cacao Squares

Raw Hazelnut Hemp Brownies

Here’s a delicious recipe for amazing raw hemp brownies! This recipe is mostly vegan, with the exception that I used organic, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, in addition to my usual super food ingredients. These brownies are so tasty, and simple to make – you will want to make a double batch. Enjoy the recipe! Here it … Continue reading Raw Hazelnut Hemp Brownies