Creamy Cucumer-Wakame Soup with Shitake

I originally posted this recipe in 2010. This recipe was inspired by another recipe I found on It was an entry made by Chef John Kohler, I just slightly changed it up a bit. Here’s the recipe:Step 1.Ingredients:4-6 cucumbers (variety) juiced with skin1 English cucumber juiced with skin1 cup coconut meat (thick)1 cup fresh … Continue reading Creamy Cucumer-Wakame Soup with Shitake

Sweet-Ginger Choy Soup

I frequently shop at the Asian market where I’m able to buy a large variety of fresh and unique produce, seaweeds, organic rice noodles, and yummy coconuts. Even though I’m not a big fan of raw soups, I do enjoy them with an Asian flare. I use traditional Asian vegetables and spices to create my … Continue reading Sweet-Ginger Choy Soup

Sweet-Ginger Asian “Choy” Soup

Today my son and I took a trip to the Asian market to purchase coconuts. The produce looked so wonderful, that we decided to make a raw version of an Asian soup. Choy is actually Chinese for cabbage. There are many varieties of Choy besides the standard Bok Choy. We decided to use Yu Choy … Continue reading Sweet-Ginger Asian “Choy” Soup