Mystic Chocolate Pudding

Here’s a simple pudding recipe using the buttery flavor of avocados, paired with maple, cacao and carob. Add the Etherium gold trace minerals to bring out the mystical powers of this pudding, or devour it just as it is. Either way the flavor is magical! This is super easy and quick to prepare, and super … Continue reading Mystic Chocolate Pudding

Cacao-Nut Cupcakes with Mocha-Coco Pudding Topping

If you’re craving something chocolaty and sweet, make this delicious raw recipe. It’s quick, basically simple, and hits the spot! Here’s the recipe:For the cupcakes.Ingredients:2 cups raw almonds1 ½ cups pitted dates1 tsp vanilla extract¼ – ½ cup organic dried coconut flakes1 scoop raw cacao powder (approximately 2-3 T)Preparation:Combine all ingredients in a food processor … Continue reading Cacao-Nut Cupcakes with Mocha-Coco Pudding Topping

Peaches and Coconut Cream Porridge

This porridge is more than just peaches and cream, it’s super-charged with highly nutritious chia seeds, sprouted buckwheat, cacao nibs and more. It’s bursting with flavor and energy – it will fill you up! Here’s the recipe for this powerful porridge:Coconut Cream.Ingredients:1 young Thai coconut (flesh and water)2 T organic agave powder1/2 tsp organic vanilla … Continue reading Peaches and Coconut Cream Porridge

Mylk Chocolate Chia Pudding

One of my favorite desserts is chocolate pudding. However, since I can’t and shouldn't enjoy dairy, and traditional and processed puddings are high in sugar and fat, I had to come up with a yummy alternative. Avocados are always great to use in raw puddings and frosting. They provide the right amount of “good” fat … Continue reading Mylk Chocolate Chia Pudding