Coconut Chia Butter Crackers

Coconut Chia Crackers "What goes great with soup? Saltines, and butter crackers!" This cracker recipe is a nice way to enjoy soup, or spread some seed or nut butter, or to just enjoy on their own as a snack. These crackers are gluten free, vegan, and can be mixed by hand, or in a food … Continue reading Coconut Chia Butter Crackers

Super Seed Oat Crackers

Super Seed Oat Crackers Seed crackers are super easy to make, and are a great snack to pair with soup, or your favorite vegan spread, any time of day. This particular cracker recipe can be baked in the dehydrator, or the oven - and no blending is necessary. I chose to dehydrate my crackers, as … Continue reading Super Seed Oat Crackers

Almond-Flax Seed Crackers

These crackers are light in texture, and mild in taste. They go great with the Cacao Date Spread, and with any other topping you choose. Enjoy!Ingredients:4 c. raw almonds (soaked for 8-12 hours)1 tsp. dried herbs (vegetable seasoning is good)2 tsp. Celtic sea salt1 c. ground flax seeds1 T. raw extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)Preparation:Place … Continue reading Almond-Flax Seed Crackers

Banana, Pineapple, Almond Crackers

Every time I make almond milk I always wonder what I'm going to do with the pulp. I have used the pulp in past recipes, and have been quite pleased. Today's recipe by far is probably the tastiest one yet using fresh almond pulp. It's simple, nutritious, and great in flavor. My husband loves it. … Continue reading Banana, Pineapple, Almond Crackers

Pili Nut, Cranberry, Chia Crackers

Have you ever tasted a Pili Nut? It’s similar to a pine nut in texture, super creamy, but larger than a Macadamia nut or peanut. Pili Nut butter is even more delicious, as it reminds me of a creamy chocolate butter similar to that of Nutella/Rawtella – really good!This cracker recipe uses both the Pili … Continue reading Pili Nut, Cranberry, Chia Crackers

Pili Nut, Cranberry, Chia Crackers

A few months ago I discovered a delicious nut, the Pili Nut. It's similar to a pine nut in it's texture and creaminess, but larger like a macadamia nut or peanut. I was able to purchase these nuts from They also sell a delicious Pili Nut Butter, which reminds me of creamy chocolate syrup … Continue reading Pili Nut, Cranberry, Chia Crackers