Spicy Apple Caramel Bites

Apples and spice are the perfect combination for the cooler months. These little dessert balls remind me of apple pie and caramel. They are so good, and go great with hot herbed tea.Enjoy!Ingredients:1 cup almonds½ cup pecans½ tsp cardamom½ tsp cinnamon½ tsp nutmeg1 tsp ginger1 ½ cups dried apple (Granny Smith variety)½ tsp sea salt½ … Continue reading Spicy Apple Caramel Bites

Super Hemp Protein Balls

Here’s another great tasty cookie snack that doubles as a protein bar bite. These balls are super rich in flavor, and quite filling. Have them for breakfast, dessert, or a snack. Just do your best not to eat them all in one sitting. Enjoy!Ingredients:1 cup almonds½ cup cashews½ cup walnuts½ cup dried blueberries½ cup dried … Continue reading Super Hemp Protein Balls

Carob Mesquite Brownie Bites

Here’s a recipe for some super moist, flavorful brownie bites that have no chocolate in them at all. I use carob, mesquite, and raw honey to create the texture of these delightful balls. These bites are also great for use as a protein bar. You could easily use this recipe and double it to make … Continue reading Carob Mesquite Brownie Bites

Three Yummy Raw Cookie Ball Recipes

For the past two months I’ve been making a variety of raw cookie balls for snacking. It’s fun to do, and actually quite simple. The next few recipe posts will be some of these delicious cookie ball recipes, in case you’d like to make them for the holidays. Today I have included three recipes. Each … Continue reading Three Yummy Raw Cookie Ball Recipes

Figgie Rawtons

Here’s raw version of one of my favorite cookies, the Fig Newton. I used dried figs for this recipe, as well as lucuma powder. This recipe is not too difficult to make, and super yummy! Here it is:Outside cookie base.Ingredients:for the outside cookie.1/3 to 1/2 cup raw Brazilnuts1/2 cup raw cashews1 cup raw walnuts1/4 cup … Continue reading Figgie Rawtons

Oatmeal Carob Cookies, and Super Food Crunch Cookies

Here’s a two for one cookie recipe post. These delicious cookies are great to share around the holidays or any time of year. You can roll them into balls, or flatten them to look like the standard coin shaped cookie. The first cookie recipe incorporates oatmeal with carob – super yummy! The second cookie was … Continue reading Oatmeal Carob Cookies, and Super Food Crunch Cookies

Raw Chocolate-Chip Disaster Cookies

The name “Disaster” came from the experience I had when I first tried to create these raw cookies a few years ago. I was actually attempting to make an chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, but created a tasty mess instead. I was trying so hard to create my own raw chocolate chips, as I had seen … Continue reading Raw Chocolate-Chip Disaster Cookies

Almond Chocolate Goodness Cookies

I love to make all kinds of raw cookies and goodies during the holidays. Here’s just one of many I wanted to share. Enjoy!Ingredients:1 cup raw oats1 cup raw almond meal¾ cup raw hazelnuts1 T raw vanilla bean powder¼ cup raw cacao powder¼ cup raw carob powder3 T raw mesquite powder½ T pink Himalayan salt2 … Continue reading Almond Chocolate Goodness Cookies

Strawberry Cookies

When I first discovered the raw food diet, I read a lot of books, and tried a lot of simple recipes. One of my first raw food cookies was adapted from raw food chef, Rose Lee Calabro’s Living in the Raw recipe book. The recipe is super healthy, simple, and delicious. Here is the recipe:Ingredients:2 … Continue reading Strawberry Cookies

Chocolate-Cherry Jungle Cookie Balls

This next cookie recipe is made with Brazil nuts and raw wild jungle peanuts. Wild jungle peanuts are an heirloom variety of peanuts that are grown in the Amazon jungle. These ancient wild peanuts are rich in peanut flavor, and packed with nutrition. Wild jungle peanuts are considered heart healthy, containing large amounts of oleic … Continue reading Chocolate-Cherry Jungle Cookie Balls