Raw Chocolate Decadence Cake

A few years ago I published this recipe as sort of a book review/recipe post. Whenever I get the opportunity to share a really good raw recipe book, I like to take some of the recipes and put my own twist on it.  This recipe somewhat does that.Heather Pace is one of those raw chefs … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Decadence Cake

Raw Chocolate Decadence Cake (5 Layers)

Many of you are aware of how much I have been loving the recipes from Heather Pace's e-book, The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake. I've also been digging Jennifer Cornbleet's latest paperback book, Raw for Dessert. Both raw dessert recipe books are fabulous!  The recipes are simple, beautiful, and super delicious! Oh, and they are … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Decadence Cake (5 Layers)