Yummy Moist Chocolate Layer Birthday Cake

Every year I create an original raw birthday cake for my son and husband's birthday. Their birthdays are one day apart, the week before Christmas. This year is no different. I've been working on making a raw cake that is moist and creamy, but different than the typical raw cake. This year's cake was a … Continue reading Yummy Moist Chocolate Layer Birthday Cake

Raw Chocolate Decadence Cake

A few years ago I published this recipe as sort of a book review/recipe post. Whenever I get the opportunity to share a really good raw recipe book, I like to take some of the recipes and put my own twist on it.  This recipe somewhat does that.Heather Pace is one of those raw chefs … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Decadence Cake

Delicious Drupe Raw Nut-Cheese Cake

Apricots and Peaches are considered drupes because of the large wooded seed inside them referred to as a pit. They are delicious, sweet and juicy, yet tart and zesty. Enjoy the fresh or frozen, or combined in my delicious creamy raw nut-cheese cake. Enjoy!Crust.Ingredients:2 cups raw Brazil nuts1/4 – 1/2 cup raw pecans1 cup dates … Continue reading Delicious Drupe Raw Nut-Cheese Cake

Carob-Cacao Cream Pie

Carob is considered an alternative to chocolate. Although carob is similar to cacao (chocolate) in appearance, it is quite different. Carob has a milder sweeter flavor profile than that of chocolate, and is nutritionally very different. So if you’re “chocolate” intolerant, carob is a great choice. I enjoy carob from time to time. In fact, … Continue reading Carob-Cacao Cream Pie

Cacao-Nut Cupcakes with Mocha-Coco Pudding Topping

If you’re craving something chocolaty and sweet, make this delicious raw recipe. It’s quick, basically simple, and hits the spot! Here’s the recipe:For the cupcakes.Ingredients:2 cups raw almonds1 ½ cups pitted dates1 tsp vanilla extract¼ – ½ cup organic dried coconut flakes1 scoop raw cacao powder (approximately 2-3 T)Preparation:Combine all ingredients in a food processor … Continue reading Cacao-Nut Cupcakes with Mocha-Coco Pudding Topping

Berry Cheesecake

I originally posted this recipe in the summer of 2009. The idea came to me when my son and I were practicing video taping my food preparation. Needless to say, the video was so-so, but the recipe was a hit! Here’s the recipe:For the crust.Ingredients:1 cup walnuts (dry)1 cup pecans (dry)8 pitted datespinch Himalayan SaltPreparation:Mix … Continue reading Berry Cheesecake

Simple Chocolate Coconut Cake w/Banana

This cake is simply divine! It’s easy to make, and super delicious! Here’s the recipe:Crust.Ingredients:1 ¼ cups raw cashews (not soaked)6-8 pitted datesdash of sea salt3T to ¼ cup agave nectarCake Filling.Ingredients:Meat from 2 Thai coconuts (about 1 ½ to 2 cups)2 scoops cacao powder (about ½ to ¾ cups)¼ cup lucuma powder1T coconut butter¼ … Continue reading Simple Chocolate Coconut Cake w/Banana

Raw Chocolate Decadence Cake (5 Layers)

Many of you are aware of how much I have been loving the recipes from Heather Pace's e-book, The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake. I've also been digging Jennifer Cornbleet's latest paperback book, Raw for Dessert. Both raw dessert recipe books are fabulous!  The recipes are simple, beautiful, and super delicious! Oh, and they are … Continue reading Raw Chocolate Decadence Cake (5 Layers)

Cherry Cheese Cake

Okay, so I'm obviously on a raw cheese cake kick! What can I say, "I love my sweets!" Anyway, this cheese cake is similar to the others. However, I made it thicker and creamier. Plus the cherries really added something special. I hope you love it as much as we did! Enjoy! 🙂 Crust. Ingredients: … Continue reading Cherry Cheese Cake

Choco-Mocha Blueberry Cheesecake

The last cheesecake I made was such a hit, that everyone was begging for more. So, I decided to make another one, but this time I would add raw chocolate with the berries. Well, it turned out RAWTABULOUS!!! Of course, anything with chocolate usually does taste sensational - in my book! Hope you enjoy it … Continue reading Choco-Mocha Blueberry Cheesecake