Edamame Avocado Vegan Pesto

I love this delicious, yet simple pesto recipe using edamame beans. It goes great as a spread, or used as a sauce on your favorite raw or cooked pastas (i.e. zucchini, spaghetti, etc.). For those of you who prefer not to eat edamame, you can exchange it with delicious fresh peas. If you do use edamame, … Continue reading Edamame Avocado Vegan Pesto

Kelp with Pumpkin-Red Bell Pepper Pesto Sauce

The Sauce. Ingredients: 1 cup pumpkin seeds ¼ cup pine nuts 1 cup fresh basil 1 cup fresh flat leaf parsley 1 red bell pepper (seeded and chopped) ¼ cup EVOO 1T minced garlic 2 tsp pink Himalayan salt 1 tsp garlic powder juice of ½ lemon ½ an avocado (peeled and stoned) ¼ cup … Continue reading Kelp with Pumpkin-Red Bell Pepper Pesto Sauce