Super-Sweet, Sproutein Green Smoothie

Here’s a great way to get your greens, and enjoy one of the best raw protein products, Sproutein: Perfect Protein Superfood. Sproutein is packed with nutrition, blends well, and is delicious too. Here’s the recipe:Ingredients:1 scoop Sproutein1 scoop hemp protein powder1 scoop MSM granules1 scoop powdered greens supplement1 ½ cups frozen organic mango chunks½ cups … Continue reading Super-Sweet, Sproutein Green Smoothie

Super Berries and Papaya Smoothie

Papaya is perfect in smoothies. It as flavor, thickness, and the perfect amount of sweet – and it’s pack full of nutrients too. The combination of black berries with papaya is the perfect combination, plus the addition of all my favorite super foods. What a great smoothie to have as a meal replacement any time … Continue reading Super Berries and Papaya Smoothie

Super Mocha Berry Smoothie

For those who follow my blog, you know that super foods are my thing. I love to use them in almost all my smoothies, and raw food treats. They add so much to the flavor, as well as the health benefits the body craves. This recipe uses quite a few super foods. Although it’s not … Continue reading Super Mocha Berry Smoothie

Refreshing Green Smoothie

My favorite green smoothies always include mango, baby spinach, and banana. I always love to kick up the flavor and nutrients by adding other refreshing fruit and super foods. This recipe has super flavor, super powerful nutrients, and very refreshing. There’s a hint of peppermint leaving a delightful tingle in your mouth after you finish … Continue reading Refreshing Green Smoothie

Refreshing Green Hawaiian Smoothie

After making so many green smoothies over the years, you start to think they are all the same. However, just because the ingredients may be similar, it only takes one or two items to impact a difference in flavor. This particular recipe reminds me so much of being in Hawaii. The aroma and flavor are … Continue reading Refreshing Green Hawaiian Smoothie

Peach-Cherry Smoothie

Pears and cherries are so delicious together. Combine these two fruits with other amazing super foods, and you have a super charged, super powered, super green smoothie! Enjoy! Ingredients:1 scoop RevitaPhi or other organic powdered greens supplement 1 scoop raw protein powder (vanilla flavor preferred) 1 tsp raw vanilla bean powder 1 T raw lucuma powder 1 T raw cacao nibs 1 T … Continue reading Peach-Cherry Smoothie

My Favorite Green Smoothie

The following green smoothie recipe is a family favorite and most frequently enjoyed. It’s simple to make and really delicious and refreshing. Enjoy!Ingredients:1 scoop raw protein powder 1 scoop green super food powder 1 T Artisana Goji Bliss or coconut butter 1tsp bee pollen 1 tsp raw honey or drops of liquid SweetLeaf Stevia 2-3 handfuls organic spinach 1 handful fresh … Continue reading My Favorite Green Smoothie

Mango, Arugula Green Smoothie

As you probably can tell I love green smoothies. Most of the time I use spinach for my greens, but kale and Romaine are nice to use too. But I never thought I would use Arugula until about 2 years ago when I ran out of spinach while making our evening smoothie. Arugula has a … Continue reading Mango, Arugula Green Smoothie


This recipe was originally posted in 2010 by my son, Brad. He is a big supporter of the benefits of Açaí, and encouraged me to use it more often in our smoothies. The original post also included a brief history of this healthy berry, which I have included here:“…Açaí originates from Brazil and grows from … Continue reading Greeni-Colada

Green Smoothies To Live For!

Green smoothies are the best way to consume a high-concentration of nutrients, and fill-up with healthy calories too. These recipes are perfect for any time of day, and will keep you feeling satisfied and energized for hours. All you do is combine the ingredients in a high-speed blender and mix until smooth. Sorry, no pictures … Continue reading Green Smoothies To Live For!