Super Green Smoothie Charged with “C”

Sorry, no pics to post with this recipe. My camera is still acting up... Anyway, today's recipe is another green smoothie. However, this one is slightly different because of the superfoods I used. It's super-charged with my typical favorite superfoods. Plus I've added camu camu - which gives this recipe the added vitamin "C"! I … Continue reading Super Green Smoothie Charged with “C”

Refreshing Green Hawaiian Smoothie

Well, I make a lot of green smoothies, and even though most of them have similar ingredients, it only takes one or two items to make it taste different and special. This one I made tonight, and it was so refreshing, smooth, and super delicious! It reminded me of being in Hawaii because of the … Continue reading Refreshing Green Hawaiian Smoothie

Strawberry Tropic Green Smoothie

2 peaches, stoned and cut 1 banana, peeled 2 kiwis, peeled and sliced 1 scoop raw vanilla ice cream 1 scoop raw protein ½ cup frozen or fresh mango 2 handfuls spinach 2 handfuls strawberries, stemmed and cut 1 handful sliced raw almonds enough water to cover 4-6 ice cubes Place in blender and puree … Continue reading Strawberry Tropic Green Smoothie

Thai Coconut Island Green Smoothie

1 young Thai coconut (meat and water) 2 kiwis ( peeled and cut) 1 ½ - 2 cups mango chunks (fresh or frozen) ½ - 1 slice pineapple (fresh or frozen) 2 small bananas (peeled and cut) 2 handfuls sliced raw almonds 2 handfuls spinach 1 scoop raw protein Juice from one large orange 4 … Continue reading Thai Coconut Island Green Smoothie

Super-Sweet, Sproutein Green Smoothie

Here’s a great way to get your greens, and enjoy the latest raw protein product, Sproutein: Perfect Protein Superfood. Sproutein is packed with nutrition, blends well, and is delicious too! 1 scoop Sproutein 1 scoop Hemp Protein Powder 1 scoop MSM granules 1 scoop Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder 1 ½ cups frozen organic mango … Continue reading Super-Sweet, Sproutein Green Smoothie