Green Kale Roll Ups

This is an easy, quick way to have a filling, and nutritious meal when you are in a hurry. Enjoy!Ingredients:4-6 leaves Dinosaur kale (flat leaf kale)1 avocado2-3 handfuls mixed greens, micro herbs, sprouts1/4-1/2 cup edamame beans (optional)1 tsp (to taste) favorite dried herb mixPreparation:Remove stem, and middle vein from kale, leaving you with flexible flat … Continue reading Green Kale Roll Ups

Green Kale Roll-Ups

The other day I was out of everything, so I took the leftover kale, greens, and avocado I had and made these simple but delicious kale roll-ups. Enjoy! Green Kale Roll-Ups Ingredients: 4-6 leaves Dinosaur kale (flat leaf kale) 1 avocado 2-3 handfuls mixed greens, micro herbs, sprouts 1/4-1/2 cup edamame beans (optional) 1 tsp … Continue reading Green Kale Roll-Ups