Super Seedy Cereal

There is nothing “seedy” about this cereal, except it’s alive with chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and buckwheat. This cereal can double as trail mix if you add honey and dehydrate it longer. Use your favorite nut or coconut milk or juice to serve as a cereal. Enjoy!Ingredients:2 cups buckwheat soaked for 12-14 hours and dehydrated1 … Continue reading Super Seedy Cereal

Sesame-Sun Granola

Not too long ago I posted a granola recipe that was super delicious. Well, I loved it so much I made another batch. However, this time I changed-up the ingredients a bit, and I added lots of sesame seeds. The flavor was out-of-this-world terrific. In fact, it was so good, that we were eating the … Continue reading Sesame-Sun Granola

Raw-Riffic Granola

I was craving granola, and decided to whip this up for my son and me. I didn't have time to soak the nuts for very long, but even the 1/2 hour that they did soak was sufficient enough for this recipe. Do try to soak them longer - it's healthier! Hope you enjoy it. Ingredients: … Continue reading Raw-Riffic Granola