Creamy Fig Pie

One of my favorite foods to eat is the fig. Figs are one of the oldest fruits consumed, dating back to the Neolithic Era. They are the most talked about fruit in the Bible. Figs are more readily available during the warmer seasons of the year, and can be found in countries throughout the year … Continue reading Creamy Fig Pie

Fresh Fig Squares

A dear friend of mine from work, and his wife, always provide me with delicious and super fresh produce straight from their garden. I am so spoiled. They bring me everything from artichokes, eggplant, herbs, chard, collards, peppers – and now figs! I love fresh raw figs! I usually buy them this time of year, … Continue reading Fresh Fig Squares

Creamy Fig Pie

I've been able to find a lot of delicious fresh figs lately. They are so delicious and sweet, that I decided to make a creamy fig pie. This is almost like a cashew cheese cake, but more like a custard cream pie filling. I hope you enjoy it! Crust. Ingredients: 1 cup jungle peanuts 1 … Continue reading Creamy Fig Pie

Figgie Rawtons

Recently I purchased the delicious dried figs from Sprouts. They were just the right sweetness (not too sweet), and nice and chewy - as if they were still fresh. So I decided to make my own raw version of the popular "Fig Newtons" that I used to love eating. The recipe is pretty simple to … Continue reading Figgie Rawtons