Sweet Ricotta Macadamia Nut Cheeze, Raw Cannoli, and Vegan Beet Raviolis

Lately I've been experimenting with a lot of different foods and textures. Some cooked, but mostly raw, and mostly vegan. Recently I was craving raviolis and decided to make a vegan ravioli using yellow beets and homemade nut cheese. I started by making the nut cheese first. I thought if I used macadamia nuts I … Continue reading Sweet Ricotta Macadamia Nut Cheeze, Raw Cannoli, and Vegan Beet Raviolis

Raw Lemon Curd Cashew Cream

One of my old favorites was lemon curd. I would spread it on warm chocolate bread, pour it over fruit, or just eat it by the spoonfuls. Unfortunately the lemon curd I used to eat was high in sugar and fat. I created a raw version of my favorite curd by using soaked cashews, and … Continue reading Raw Lemon Curd Cashew Cream

Raw-Riffic Chocolaty Gooey Truffles

I truly enjoy making raw chocolate truffles and cookies, almost as much as I like to eat them. This recipe makes a delicious, delightful, and chewy chocolaty truffle. Besides rolling the truffles in coconut and almonds, you could also roll it in cacao powder, lucuma powder, and even cinnamon. I know you will enjoy these … Continue reading Raw-Riffic Chocolaty Gooey Truffles

Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls

The cookie recipe is packed with super-foods, super flavor, and super energy. Some of the ingredients may be a challenge to source, such as the cordyceps mushrooms and goji berries. Don’t worry – just omit them this time. The recipe is still packed with flavor with or without them. However, I highly recommend that you … Continue reading Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls

Chocolate Mousse Cake

I absolutely love chocolate. There is nothing better than a rich, creamy, mousse like chocolate pudding to make me super happy. This next recipe is all that. It's healthy, the perfect amount of sweet, and oh so delicious!!! Enjoy!Chocolate Mousse CakeCrust – Ingredients.1 1/2 - 2 cups raw nuts (I used Brazil nuts and almonds)1/3 … Continue reading Chocolate Mousse Cake

Super Cashew Mocha Candy Rounds

The first time I discovered raw chocolate, I was reading the book Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe. Being the chocoholic that I am, I was super happy to know that I could still eat the occasional chocolate bar (raw bar) and not worry about all the processed garbage found in standard chocolate bars. However, raw … Continue reading Super Cashew Mocha Candy Rounds

Super-Sweet Raw Chocolaty Shake

There is nothing sweeter than an creamy chocolaty shake, and this recipe delivers! The less nut milk you use the thicker and creamier the shake. Be sure to top it off with some delicious whipped cashew or macadamia nut cream. Simply yummy!Super-Sweet Raw Chocolaty ShakeIngredients.2 medium sized bananas peeled and cut2-3 large scoops raw vanilla … Continue reading Super-Sweet Raw Chocolaty Shake

Andrea Primm’s Raw Vanilla Cinnamon Rolls

Hello everyone, hope life is treating you well! Sorry I haven't posted any new recipes lately, I've been eagerly working on some other projects. I do plan to create something new and delicious this weekend, so look for new posts next week. For today, I decided to post the following YouTube.com videos of a delicious … Continue reading Andrea Primm’s Raw Vanilla Cinnamon Rolls

Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls

I just want to apologize for the delay in posting a new recipe this week. I originally was planning to post a delicious super-charged, chocolaty smoothie on Sunday, but was temporarily "banned" from posting on my blog. Since I didn't bother to write the smoothie recipe down anywhere, I lost it somewhere in my brain. … Continue reading Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls

Raw Chocolate-Chip Disaster Cookies

I tried to create my own raw version of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Well, it didn't come out so great - but it still tasted great! Anyway, I made these delicious and simple raw chocolate chips by using raw cacao paste, agave, and pink Himalayan salt. I melted the cacao first, and blended it with … Continue reading Raw Chocolate-Chip Disaster Cookies