Cucumber ‘n’ Criminis

After yoga class tonight, a fellow student, and myself started talking with our instructor about healthy foods, sugars, fats, and lean meals. My yoga instructor mentioned how she loves cucumbers and mushrooms together for a meal - so I thought, "Wow! That sounds like a grand idea!" So I made my own! "Thanks Ana!" That's … Continue reading Cucumber ‘n’ Criminis

Simple Salad with Persian Cucumbers

I've been eating a lot of simple salads lately. Some with mixed lettuces, some with seaweed, and some with different kinds of cucumbers and tomatoes. Today's recipe uses Persian Cucumbers (very tasty), and Heirloom mini tomatoes (I love Heirlooms). Hope you like it. Ingredients: 1-2 Persian Cucumbers (tips cut off, and chopped into small pieces) … Continue reading Simple Salad with Persian Cucumbers