Yummy Moist Chocolate Layer Birthday Cake

Every year I create an original raw birthday cake for my son and husband's birthday. Their birthdays are one day apart, the week before Christmas. This year is no different. I've been working on making a raw cake that is moist and creamy, but different than the typical raw cake. This year's cake was a … Continue reading Yummy Moist Chocolate Layer Birthday Cake

Raw-Riffic Chocolaty Gooey Truffles

I truly enjoy making raw chocolate truffles and cookies, almost as much as I like to eat them. This recipe makes a delicious, delightful, and chewy chocolaty truffle. Besides rolling the truffles in coconut and almonds, you could also roll it in cacao powder, lucuma powder, and even cinnamon. I know you will enjoy these … Continue reading Raw-Riffic Chocolaty Gooey Truffles

Chocolate Covered Super-Cacao Squares

For several years now my favorite raw cookie recipe has been Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls, which I posted previously. It has also been a great hit with members of our local gyms. Over the years my husband was actually selling these super-power packed cookies to friends and gym members. I was getting so busy with … Continue reading Chocolate Covered Super-Cacao Squares

Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls

The cookie recipe is packed with super-foods, super flavor, and super energy. Some of the ingredients may be a challenge to source, such as the cordyceps mushrooms and goji berries. Don’t worry – just omit them this time. The recipe is still packed with flavor with or without them. However, I highly recommend that you … Continue reading Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls

Chocolate-Hazelnut Milk, Smoothies and Shakes

Chocolate and hazelnut are a great combination. Chocolate-hazelnut milk is super delicious and great by itself, or in a smoothie or shake. I have created four yummy chocolate-hazelnut milk recipes here for you to try. Enjoy!Chocolate-Hazelnut Milk.Ingredients: 1/2 cup raw almonds1/2 cup raw hazelnuts1/2 cup well-packed pitted dates3T raw cacao powderdrizzle of agave1/2 tsp organic non-alcoholic vanilla … Continue reading Chocolate-Hazelnut Milk, Smoothies and Shakes

Chocolate Mousse Cake

I absolutely love chocolate. There is nothing better than a rich, creamy, mousse like chocolate pudding to make me super happy. This next recipe is all that. It's healthy, the perfect amount of sweet, and oh so delicious!!! Enjoy!Chocolate Mousse CakeCrust – Ingredients.1 1/2 - 2 cups raw nuts (I used Brazil nuts and almonds)1/3 … Continue reading Chocolate Mousse Cake

Super Cashew Mocha Candy Rounds

The first time I discovered raw chocolate, I was reading the book Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe. Being the chocoholic that I am, I was super happy to know that I could still eat the occasional chocolate bar (raw bar) and not worry about all the processed garbage found in standard chocolate bars. However, raw … Continue reading Super Cashew Mocha Candy Rounds

Debbie’s Raw Salty-Vanilla Dark Chocolates

I now I haven't posted in a while, so here's a super yummy raw candy recipe to try out. It's very similar to my raw chocolates recipe posted over a year ago, but with a salty-vanilla twist! Enjoy! (Sorry, no pictures for this one)... Ingredients: ½ or more of melted raw cacao butter ½ cup … Continue reading Debbie’s Raw Salty-Vanilla Dark Chocolates

Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls

I just want to apologize for the delay in posting a new recipe this week. I originally was planning to post a delicious super-charged, chocolaty smoothie on Sunday, but was temporarily "banned" from posting on my blog. Since I didn't bother to write the smoothie recipe down anywhere, I lost it somewhere in my brain. … Continue reading Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls

Chocolate-Hazelnut Milk, Smoothies and Shakes

I've been testing out some more recipes from Ani Phyo's book, Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. Since I'm a big smoothie gal, I decided that I wanted to create my own chocolate milk and shakes with my own twist. Hope you like them! Chocolate-Hazelnut Milk. Ingredients: 1/2 cup raw almonds 1/2 cup raw hazelnuts 1/2 cup … Continue reading Chocolate-Hazelnut Milk, Smoothies and Shakes