This recipe was originally posted in 2010 by my son, Brad. He is a big supporter of the benefits of Açaí, and encouraged me to use it more often in our smoothies. The original post also included a brief history of this healthy berry, which I have included here:“…Açaí originates from Brazil and grows from … Continue reading Greeni-Colada

Acai-Cacao Hemp Smoothie

This weekend I came up with the perfect energy hemp smoothie. It's simple, deep purple, and full of life. Enjoy! Ingredients: 3-4 T hemp seeds 8 oz purified water 1 packet Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood 1 spoonful goji powder 1 spoonful maca powder 1-2 T raw cacao nibs 1 spoonful bee pollen 2-3 tsp … Continue reading Acai-Cacao Hemp Smoothie

Super Berries and Papaya Smoothie

I was so proud of my son's guest blog post and recipe last night, that I thought I would create another smoothie recipe that would have a similar flair to it. So I created this morning's Super Berries and Papaya Smoothie. It won the "great flavor" test from my son! Hope you enjoy it too! … Continue reading Super Berries and Papaya Smoothie


This is Bradley Marsh, Debbie's son, who was bored and decided to add a new raw smoothie to the current plethora. She was making her usually green smoothie before dinner and I thought... why not make this interesting? In addition to the greens, I had us add a high amount of frozen fruits and berries; … Continue reading Greeni-Colada