A day in the life of Raw Debbie – Part V

Okay, it's been about 2 maybe 3 days since I last blogged about just little ol' me. I did just post a fun "21 Raw Questions" response to a great blog post by Bitt of Bitt of Raw blog. You should check it out for yourself.As for eating and life, well, I honestly can't remember … Continue reading A day in the life of Raw Debbie – Part V

Happy Mother’s day! How my weekend went…

First off, I'd just like to wish all you moms out there a very "Happy Mother's Day"!Well, I have been having a great time using my work friend's Vitamix 5200. "Boy does that blender rawk! The smoothies, the sauces, all the goodies made in that thing are smooth and delicious!" I really need to save … Continue reading Happy Mother’s day! How my weekend went…

My daily raw…what’s happening?

Hello everyone! Hope all is well and blessed. A lot has been going on these days. I have been working on my website, Raw-Riffic Food adding lots of new content and resource links. I also created a new blog through WordPress, Raw-Riffic Food Recipes. I decided that I wanted a separate space for my recipes … Continue reading My daily raw…what’s happening?

The Master Cleanse, and other happenings

Well, I haven't blogged for a while...I guess you are probably used to that by now. I realize as much as I'd like to blog daily or even weekly, I have to be happy with just being able to blog when time permits. This has been a very busy year so far. My son has … Continue reading The Master Cleanse, and other happenings

What’s up with Debbie?

Once again it’s been a while since I blogged – so forgive me. The truth is, I don’t like writing unless I have something to say or share. Although I have made quite a few things that I felt were delicious and easy to make, the photos came out terrible. So, I didn’t feel inspired … Continue reading What’s up with Debbie?

Super-Charged Smoothies

Well, it’s been just shy of 4 weeks since I released my very first eBook, “Raw-Riffic Food’s 101 Super-Charged Juices, Shakes & Smoothies”. I have felt very good and accomplished by my efforts. Now the challenge is learning how to spread the word in order to make it profitable as well. It’s very educational I … Continue reading Super-Charged Smoothies

Once again, it’s been a while

I realize it’s been a long while again since I blogged. All I can say is the usual, “I’ve been super busy with this and that!” And I have! I just feel silly using the same excuse over and over again. Anyway, to get started, I thought I’d share a couple of things with you. … Continue reading Once again, it’s been a while

Raw Fu, and Super Foods…(just a quick update)

It's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged. A lot has been going on with me. I've gotten so busy, that I run out of time every night to do all the things I want to do...like blog...So here I am. I recently joined another great raw food community - "Raw Fu." This … Continue reading Raw Fu, and Super Foods…(just a quick update)

Great weekend so far!

Well, I’m so pleased right now. I have had an absolute fabulous and fun raw day today so far. I attended my very first raw food class today. It was Kristine Suzanne’s Raw Chocolate Class, held at Whole Foods, in Scottsdale, AZ, and it was absolutely great! I met some very nice people there, and … Continue reading Great weekend so far!

This week’s blog

Well, I’ve been enjoying my new collection of raw books. I try to read a few pages in each one. Some of the books truly grab my attention with the information they have to offer. While others are just beautiful to look at, with all the fabulous and delicious looking recipes – I can’t wait … Continue reading This week’s blog