Lifestyle Impacts Health

One's health is dependent upon one's choices. How you live your life - including what you eat, what you drink, what you do, and how you think, all impact your overall health and well-being.A balanced diet and lifestyle equals good health.It's about choicesIt's apparent to me that our society is in great need of balance. … Continue reading Lifestyle Impacts Health

The Fat Tax Debate

Should There Be A Tax On Fatty Foods?There is a lot of debate surrounding the proposed law that would tax fatty foods, such as fast food restaurant  foods. It's regarded as the "Fat Tax" and it's a very serious thing! Just as tobacco and alcohol now have a higher special tax, so would the "fatty … Continue reading The Fat Tax Debate

Why You Should Eat Raw Food

Benefits Of Eating A High Raw And Living Food Diet"Why should you eat a high raw food diet?" people ask.Well, it's very simple really. Eating fresh raw and living foods is the best way to nourish, heal, and maintain the body, creating optimal well-being, and longevity.So you are probably wondering then, "Okay then, so what's … Continue reading Why You Should Eat Raw Food

The Great Raw Food Exchange

Transition to a raw food diet with great recipe alternatives!Eating a diet high in raw food does not have to be boring. You can create incredible meals that are full of flavor, super nutritious, and remind you of your old cooked and processed favorites - but better!Some of the hardest foods to give up in … Continue reading The Great Raw Food Exchange

“Why Raw-Foodist Have Problems With Their Teeth”

“How to avoid dental decay, gum disease and erosion for good”Written by Frederic PatenaudeTo anyone involved in the raw-food and vegan movement or to anyone who cares about their health, please pass along this letter to as many people as possible.Research and practical experience has demonstrated that raw-foodists get more problems with their teeth than … Continue reading “Why Raw-Foodist Have Problems With Their Teeth”