Vegan Wraps and Sandwiches (Transitional Foods)

Here are a few vegan and vegetarian styled wraps/sandwiches that make great transitional meals for those changing from a standard American diet to a high raw food, plant-based diet. The ingredients are easy to find in most grocery and health food stores. Enjoy!

The Vegan Sandwich.
2 pieces Seven Grain Crispy Tenders
2 slices Ezekiel raisin bread
1-2 T vegan mayo or cashew mayo
1 slice vegan cheese, or raw nut cheese
drizzles of prepared mustard
lots and lots of fresh leafy greens, including mache (lamb’s quarter), arugula, a mix of herb lettuces, and baby lettuces
1 slice tomato
sprouts or micro herbs (optional)
Spread mayo with mustard on slices of bread. Place 1 slice of cheese on 1 slice of the bread. Heat the tenders and place on cheese. Pile lots and lots and lots of greens on top of the tenders. Add slice of tomato and top with sprouts or micro greens. Place other sandwich slice on top and cut in half. This makes for a very thick and delicious, fresh, and nutrient-rich sandwich.

Alternate method and serving suggestion:
Instead of using bread, use collard greens and create wraps. Add slices of avocado, or pieces of Dulse and cucumber. Whatever you feel like munching on that’s fresh and living. It’s all good!

Spicy Barbecue Wraps.

3 pieces prepared Gardein Classic Style Buffalo Wings
1 gluten free, dairy free tortilla (I prefer the brown rice type)
1-2 T vegan mayo or cashew mayo
1-2 T crumbled raw goat’s cheese (optional)
lots and lots and lots of fresh, spicy arugula
handful fresh mache (lamb’s quarter)
Spread mayo on tortilla. Add crumbled raw goat’s cheese (if desired). Place prepared wings on top of cheese. Add the fresh mache, and then pile lots and lots and lots of fresh, spicy arugula on top (make it fat). Roll up the tortilla the same way you would as a burrito or fajita – whichever way is easiest to accommodate the tortilla (some break apart easily). Enjoy!

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