Carrot Chips

I first experienced eating raw chips several years ago when I made a delicious corn chip recipe published by Frederic Patenaude. Since then, his recipe has inspired me to make other chip recipes of my own. These carrot chips are one of my favorite homemade creations. They are light and crispy, and can be served plain or with your favorite dip or salsa. This recipe is simple, yet nutritionally satisfying and delish!
4 cup raw carrots, finely chopped or shredded
½ cup flax seed, ground
¼ cup hemp seed
1 teaspoon sea salt
½ cup plus 1 T purified water (as needed)

Grind carrots in food processor to a smooth pulp consistency. Remove pulp and transfer to a mixing bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix very well. (You may need to increase the water content slightly). Spread mixture onto lined dehydrator trays, about 1/4” thick or so. You want them to be thin enough to be crispy, but thick enough to hold their shape once dried. Using a spatula or butter knife, score carrot spread into bite size squares or triangles. Dehydrate for approximately 8-12 hours, flipping chip spread over once halfway through the drying time. Adjust dry time according to desired texture of chip. Store in an air-tight container in the cupboard for a few days. (Note: the longer the dry time, the longer the storage time).

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