Chocolate Covered Super-Cacao Squares

For several years now my favorite raw cookie recipe has been Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls, which I posted previously. It has also been a great hit with members of our local gyms. Over the years my husband was actually selling these super-power packed cookies to friends and gym members. I was getting so busy with all my other projects I had to stop taking orders for a while. I did have a request to create an actual food bar version of this recipe. As much as I thought it could be a good idea, a bar-size for this recipe could “knock you off your socks!” It’s that powerful!
I did come up with another idea for converting this recipe into more of a bite-size square bar with a decadent, powerful coating. The chocolate coating is super simple and super delicious. It makes a great replacement for a candy bar too! Here’s the recipe:
One batch Cacao-Carob Super-Charged Cookie Balls (not rolled)
One batch raw chocolate candy coating (recipe follows)
Raw Chocolate Candy Coating.
1 1/4 cup raw cacao butter (carefully melted)
1 cup raw cacao powder
1/4 cup raw agave nectar
1 tsp organic non-alcoholic vanilla extract
4-6 drops chocolate flavored SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia
1 T organic Grade B maple syrup
1 T raw honey
Carefully stir in raw cacao powder with the melted cacao butter. Add each remaining ingredient one at a time, while constantly stirring. Once everything is melted together and begins to thicken it’s ready.
Super-Cacao Squares.

Use a little more than a scoop full of the cookie mix for each square. Form little squares, or use a mold. I used a flexible baking mold. The squares should be thick and dense. Place each square on wax paper layered on top of a tray, or place on a wire cooling rack over wax paper. Leave space in between each square. Carefully pour the melted chocolate coating mix over each square, covering them thoroughly (tops and all four sides – bottoms left alone). Place in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes. Remove from freezer and remove from tray. Place on serving dish, or container. Serve or store in the refrigerator covered with an air-tight lid. Save remaining chocolate to make raw candies or a hard-shelled chocolate sauce for raw ice cream.

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