"Tuna-Less" Stuffed Avocado Served with Fresh Lamb’s Lettuce

Here’s another great way to have your “tuna” and save the fish too!
This recipe is simple, and truly has the flavor of canned tuna, you will be quite pleased. The avocados I used were fresh from my friend’s garden, super buttery and creamy. I love the flavor of home grown. II use Lamb’s lettuce as it truly compliments avocado. It’s hard to find this beefy lettuce, but Trader Joe’s has it and at a great price! Here’s the recipe:

Tuna-less Pate
2 cups soaked raw shelled sunflower seeds
½ juice from one lemon
2-4 scallions, minced (use whole scallion including greens)
1½-2 stalks celery, minced
1 Tb dried dill flakes
2-3 Tb dried Dulse flakes or granules

Drain soaked sunflower seeds and placed in a food processor. Process seeds until crumbly and chunky. Add lemon juice and salt, and pulse until it has the consistency of canned tuna. Place in a mixing bowl and add remaining ingredients. Mix well and serve.

“Tuna-Less” Stuffed Avocado Served with fresh Lamb’s lettuce
Assembling the stuff avocados
1 batch prepared Tuna-less (see recipe above)
2-3 large ripe avocados (peeled and stoned)
1 bag Lamb’s Lettuce (about 10-12 ounces)
chili sauce (optional)

Fill avocado halves with generous scoops of prepared Tuna-less. I added a few drops of hot sauce to the inside of the avocado halves before adding the tuna-less mixture. Place prepared avocado halves on top of a large bed of fresh Lamb’s lettuce. Serve with drops of chili sauce or Sriracha sauce
 (my favorite) around the plate, or by itself. This is a very filling dish. (Note: you can store the pate for up to 3 days in a closed container inside the refrigerator).

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