Keeping it 100% raw, and feeling great!

On Saturday, I had a very nice day making my juices, shopping for fresh produce, and making a delicious Arugula Pesto Pasta – all raw! I also prepared a recipe I found on for apple carrot date bites. Oh so good! So in a nutshell, this is what I ate Saturday:

Green Lemonade

Apple, Carrot Date Bites
Chia crackers with coconut butter and honey
Arugula Pesto Pasta (basically zucchinis, Arugula, and mixed veggies – recipe to be available soon)
Raw ice cream chocolate-vanilla shake
Herbal tea

I did make my husband some delicious carrot apple juice – his favorite!

For Sunday, I picked up my kitty from my friend’s house then got to work prepping food for the week. I froze chopped banana, pineapple, and fresh coconut meat. For meals I had my usual green lemonade, and I had Mango Lemonade – oh was that ever good! Later I had fresh grapes, chia crackers and flax crackers with almond butter, honey, and a touch of pink Himalayan salt. Oh, I remember, I also prepared a fruit pudding.  Here’s the recipe I created:

Chunky Fruit Pudding.

The Pudding.
1 cup chopped fresh pineapple chunks
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 large pitted Medjool Dates
(Blend in blender till smooth, add water if necessary)

The Fruit Bowl.

1 banana sliced
5 figs sliced
1 T cacao nibs
1 T dried organic coconut shredded coconut
2 tsp chia seeds

Assemble the fruit pudding:

Place fruit slices in a bowl. Pour pudding over top. Garnish with more shredded coconut flakes and serve.

For today, Monday, I had prepared a super delicious watermelon and black grape juice. It was so perfect. I have some for tomorrow too! I also made my husband the carrot apple, but I didn’t have my usual green lemonade. Instead, today I made a morning green smoothie. Here’s what was in it:

Green Smoothie with Figs.

2 bananas
4 figs
1 handful of red grapes
2-3 handfuls of Romaine lettuce
½ cup or more of fresh Young Thai coconut water

This smoothie was super energizing and so good! You couldn’t even taste the greens. Just fresh and smooth! This was definitely a meal-replacer, as I was full till lunch time.

For lunch I had made a raw Romaine hoagie – just like what created. The only difference is I made a small veggie salad mix with greens that I shoved in my lettuce head, instead of cut veggie slices. It was terrific and also super filling! Then tonight I went ahead and indulged in another raw ice cream shake – except no bananas, no added fudge – I still was slightly bloated, but not any more. Obviously, it’s the nuts that are getting to me. We’ll have to work on that.

Tomorrow I’ll be having my green lemonade, the watermelon black grape juice, and then my version of a raw sushi roll (no fish), using seaweed salad, carrots as the rice, and cucumber. It is so yummy.


Till next time. Have a great evening, and a Super Tuesday!!!

Blessings! =)


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