It’s Friday and I’m still 99.9% raw!

So if you read my post last night you would already know what I had today. The only thing I didn’t manage to drink again was the carrot apple juice, which I gave to a co-worker. Then this evening I made myself a delicious shake again. This time I used my newly made raw Mexican spicy chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream. All I added to it was some fresh Thai coconut meat, and some fresh Thai coconut water. Oh my goodness was it ever so good!!! The key to this delicious ice cream shake was the fact that the ice cream base was made with Brazil nuts instead of my usual cashews. Wow! You got to try it!!!

As I’m blogging I’m making some more flax and chia crackers in the dehydrator. I’m going through those crackers pretty darn quickly since that is my “chip” of choice. I’m also planning what to make for my solid meal tomorrow. I’ve been viewing several great videos by Fully Raw Kristina. She is so adorable, talented, and informative. Just love that young lady. I’m also looking through several of my wonderful raw recipe books too. I have so many to look at! I’ve decided to make a fettuccine/pesto pasta using up the zucchinis and yellow squashes I have. I’d also like to use the fresh arugula I brought home from Trader Joes too. I think that would be the perfect meal for me tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Tonight was also exercise night. I did okay, but I’m still trying to improve on my energy. The main issue I’m having is “lack of sufficient” sleep. I still very relaxed, and very happy with my progress and the future. I really feel good about things.

Well, I’m going to sign off for now. David and I plan to watch a movie tonight, and get to bed somewhat early (even though it’s Friday). Then tomorrow it’s juice time, raw meal making, a trip to the Asian market, and Kitty-cat play date with my friend’s cat Muffin. I just know Samantha will have fun. Our Samantha is getting so socialized that she likes leaving for visits as long as she gets to come home afterwards…

So that’s it. Hope you all have a super evening, and a super weekend! Till next time.

Blessings! =)

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