I’m feeling so good about myself, my life, and my raw food reboot. It’s so nice to be back in this place and space in my life. Eating 99% raw food diet really feels and looks good on me. I’ve been very focused and disciplined – as I continue to drink mostly raw juices everyday with one small salad in the afternoon. Eventually I will add in more smoothies, and such for convenience. But I’m really loving this feeling. I haven’t gained back any of the weight I lost on the Master Cleanse, which means I’ve truly can keep that weight off and continue going down on the pounds.

Yesterday, as always, I started of with my green lemonade. Next up was a delicious apple grape (which you already knew from the post before). I have to make a comment about this though. I made the mistake of drinking two tall glasses in a row because I made too much. This bloated me and made me uncomfortable for a little over two hours. I should have given away the second glass, or saved it for later in the day. Anyway, I learned from that. DO NOT OVEREAT, no matter what it is! Later in the afternoon I had my wild rice salad, but I never had my carrot apple juice I made. I just couldn’t. So I gave it away. However, for dinner I made a superfood shake. It was very delicious, but it did bloat me some. I didn’t use any nuts or seeds, but I believe it was the coconut meat with banana – possibly. The shake consisted of coconut meat, banana, a few cherries, a few chunks of pineapple, cacao nibs, my raw fudge sauce, goji berries, acai powder, ice and water. Perhaps I drank it too fast, not really sure. I’m still trying to determine the bloat issues. Oh, and of course, I ate flax and chia crackers for snacks.

Today I have planned to drink coconut cucumber juice, a fresh batch of apple carrot juice, another rice salad (the last one for now), and of course my green lemonade, and the chia and flax crackers. I’ve made some delicious raw Mexican chocolate ice cream made with Brazil nuts. Maybe I’ll have that in a shake tonight – we’ll see. I’m planning on making some other dishes to have as my solid meal, and possibly start incorporating smoothies into the mix. We’ll see. I started reading Doug Graham’s book The  80/10/10 Diet. I’ve read it before, but this time I seem to be more intuned with the information. I may consider following his recipe guidelines for a week or so. It may be a safe way to incorporate more smoothies and such. My biggest issue is the bloating which comes from my IBS issues. I have definitely improved since I’ve started this reboot. But with each time that I add another type of food into the mix, I start to experience some light IBS symptoms again. So I’m going to take it slow. Hell, I don’t mind losing the weight, I need it bad! Lol!

Well, till next time. Enjoy your Friday, and have a great weekend too! I’ll write soon!

Blessings! =)

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