Reboot: First day to juice and eat 100% raw at work

Well, I did it. I got through my first day back at work, and eating a 100% raw food diet. I woke up this morning and had my green lemonade as always. When I got to work I drank some water, and then around mid-morning I drank my carrot, orange, pineapple juice. Boy was that every yummy. Then for lunch I ate a watercress and beet salad – the same recipe from Going Raw that I made for my Mom and I on Sunday. I really like that salad. Speaking of the salad, I did get a bit of indigestion. I feel that it was probably from a few things, maybe in combination, or just one or two of them. But anyway, the avocado, the onion, and the miso, I believe could have contributed to my bloatedness today. I know that the corn and avocado I ate the day before did not digest well as it was in my bowel movements this morning. So I have decided not to eat those foods for a while to see how I feel.

Throughout the remainder of the day I drank water, and ate a few flax crackers plain. That seemed to satisfy me just fine. When I got home I exercised and drank more water. Then for my last meal of the day I decided to have another cashew ice cream shake. This time I elminated the almond nut milk, but kept the banana. I feel like the  almond milk is giving me issues too, so I’m going to hold off from having it for a while. However, I did discover after having my shake that I still had some bloating. I realized that I was eating a banana with a nut-based food. Nuts and bananas do not exactly go well. So, I won’t be having that combination again for a while either. All in all I feel it was a great day for eating raw.

Tomorrow I have planned my three juices. The first, as always, being my green lemonade. Then next up will be my favorite watermelon and strawberry juice. I made a very large jar of this one. Then I have a smaller juice jar filled with carrot apple for a late day snack. I haven’t decided what lunch will be yet. I’m not sure if I can handle another salad. I might try something like wild rice, broccoli and mushrooms, but I fear that the broccoli may give me issues. Maybe I’ll just bring fruit. We’ll see.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a great evening and a super Wednesday tomorrow. Oh, before I forget. Tomorrow I get to pick up  my freezer! I can’t wait!

TIll next time.

Blessings! =)

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