Reboot: Day 2 of raw foods intro with juice

So I think today will be the last day I use the term reboot, and use whatever title I fancy. The reboot, I feel, has been a success, and I am continuing with juicing and eating a high raw diet. Today I started my moring off with the usual lemon water, and then straight to the green lemonade. I’m really getting used to drinking the fresh green lemonade every morning instead of the old fruit smoothie I used to do. Then, I had a delicious pear, apple, and grape juice for my mid-morning fruit snack.

Because I went with my husband to the doctor, we didn’t get to have a lunch until very late this afternoon. At which time I ate a small avocado salad that included heirloom cherry tomatoes, red onion, zucchini, fresh raw corn, parsley, and I  placed it on top of a small amount of freshly bloomed wild rice – organic wild rice. I also ate a few more of my delicious flax crackers. So I decided, since I’m still full, I’m planning to have a dessert shake instead of another juice. Tonight I plan to have a raw ice cream shake and try out my raw ice cream with raw fudge, and raw nut milk. I can’t wait!

For tomorrow, since it’s my first day back to work, I plan to prepare two juices tonight, and some type of salad for tomorrow. I will drink my green lemonade in the morning, but will take my fruit juice to work. It will consist of pineapple, oranges, and carrots – yummy! For my salad, I have no idea yet. We’ll see about it later. Well, until tomorrow. Have a great evening and a great Tuesday!

Blessings! =)

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