Reboot: Phase Two, Day 2 and 3 of Juicing

Day two of juicing went great. Once again I started the morning off with a glass of fresh lemon juice and room temperature water. Next I went straight into having the green lemonade. Since I had a whole extra jar of the watermelon strawberry from the day before I drank that for my fruit juice. Then later in the day I made a delicious green juice I found on FB from the Cleanse America group. You should check this group out. Great leaders such as Penni Shelton, Anthony Anderson (Raw Model), and many more have formed this alliance to help people get juicy and reboot for health. They provide support, recipes, and a lot more. So check it out! So back to the juice, I had 3 oranges, cucumber, 2 cups of spinach, and about 2″ of fresh ginger. Boy was that ever good! So finally, the last juice of the day was my old time favorite, carrot and apple. You can never go wrong with fresh carrots and apples! As for snacking, I had the usual chia and flax crackers, and I had a handful of some dehydrated mix seeds with spices. A recipe that I got out of Judita Wignall’s Going Raw book. So the juicy day went very well.

The interesting thing about Day 2 was, not to be gross, the bowel movements. I had a lot more activity there than I had had in days. I actually felt like the juicing was pushing out more of the garbage that has been left in my intestines along with whatever crackers I ate. Cause afterall, I’m still not eating enough solids to warrant anything major. So, the juicing is really working on the detox front. Weight is still down by 12, and energy is still way up. In fact, I exercised again yesterday, and each time I do, I feel better and better. So I know this is all working for me. I’m trying really hard to be disciplined without being obsessive. I can do that to myself. I don’t want to be afraid to eat, and I don’t want to think I can just sneak food here and there either. I want it to be enjoyable, and healthful.

So today is Day 3 of juicing. I’m starting out the usual way, lemon water, and then right to the green lemonade.  I’m not sure yet what I will have for my fruit juice, but I’m sure it will be something good. I’m working on my meal plans today, as tomorrow I will start consuming raw salads, and such. I made some nut cheese (recipe from Going Raw), and I have my crackers and seeds ready for snacking. I plan to make a raw carrot cake using the carrot pulp too. Part of this transition will also be preparing me for when I go back to work on Tuesday. Being off work has made it very easy to do the juicing, but once work starts it will be a challenge. I’m thinking about juicing the night before and storing it in a jar for the next morning. I need to have my meals and snacks planned so I don’t feel tempted whatsoever to grab something processed and easy. Even if it’s so called organic and vegan, doesn’t mean it’s not processed and not optimal. Once in a while is okay, but I was doing that all the time. That’s how I gained back the weight.

Well, I don’t know what the evening juice will be yet either, but I will definitely post it next time. Until then, have a blessed and juicy day!


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