Reboot: Stage 2, Juice Feasting

Well I truly did it. I completed a full 10 days of the Master Cleanse, and I feel great, successful, and empowered. I started my juice feast today, and so far so good. I started with a glass of lemon water at room temperature. My first juice for the day came from Natalia Rose’s book Raw Detox, called the Green Lemonade.This juice consisted of romaine, celery, kale, apples, lemon, and ginger. It was super filling and delicious too. The only complaint I have is that since it was my first juice I had a slight bit of bloating and gas. So I slowed down the drinking of it and finished it in about an hour.

To get me started for the next few days, I went ahead and cracked open all my coconuts, saved the meat in the freezer, and placed the water in the fridge. I made chia crackers, flax crackers, and spicy zucchini chips (a recipe I got from Judita Wignall’s book Going Raw. These are great snacks to have that don’t hurt your tummy, provide super amounts of nutrition, and they keep for quite a long time. So throughout the day I probably nibbled on about 6 small chia crackers, and about 4 small flax crackers, and a handful of the spicy zucchini chips. Yum-yum!!!

Later on in the day I had a super delicious watermelon and strawberry juice. I shared this one with my hubby, and I have enough for one more drink tomorrow. I love, love, love watermelon. It energzes me, and I never feel bloated or bad afterwards. Love that stuff! Next up was a delicious and simple juice of fresh coconut water and cucumber. Very simple, very smooth, and refreshing too.

For the last juice of the night I plan to juice a combination of kale, broccoli, spinach, and carrot. This will be like my dinner salad in a glass with super nutrition through and through. I’m waiting to make it because I’m still full from the other juices today. My tummy has shrunk from the Master Cleanse. Lol…oh well, that’s what I wanted…

I will end the day with a nice warm cup of tea, preferably senna tea to help with my continued detoxifcation. Tomorrow I plan to try some other interesting and yummy juices, so come back by my blogspot and check it out.

Until next time. Have a wonderfully healthy and blessed day!

Peace! =)

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