Finding support when working on a full body makeover and lifestyle change

For those of you who know me, I have been on a bit of a “sabbatical” the last two years due to an overwhelming life of circumstances. For the last two years I have been caring for my mother-in-law who was ill with Stage-4 Cervical Cancer – she passed away this February. We have had to move from our home of 12 years and are still waiting for closure on that. My son just graduated from high school this past May, and has been accepted into the honors college at Northern State University and received several academic scholarships and grants. He leaves at the end of July to move to Flagstaff. Although this is a wonderful and positive thing, this too is a major change for me. 
So with life’s stress comes an opportunity to fall off the health wagon. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat quite healthy considering. My diet is still vegetarian with emphasis on a high raw vegan menu. But over the past two years I had many days where I would fill up on too much “raw junk food”, or too many lightly cooked vegan meals high in fat. Or sometimes I’d breakdown and just eat too much food! Worst of all I wasn’t getting enough rest, or enough exercise. I was living on an average of 4 hours a night of sleep – that’s just not healthy! Especially when my life was high stressed, I would eat late, and I wasn’t getting the rest and exercise I needed to feel good. Diet alone can’t save you. You need to be in full balance – your “life” style must be in balance!
I’m slowly working on changes as I balance my life’s challenges so that I can be in a better position to better care for myself. With that I continue to research information, options, and resources for helping me along the way. I truly need a fully body makeover!
Sometimes the best time to start a full body makeover and lifestyle change is the moment you decide that’s what you need to do. We all could use a little support and guidance on just how to start that. I personally have been checking out various blogs, websites, and books to see how I want to get myself back on track and continue on my journey to ultimate health and longevity.
One program that’s out there that I am truly considering is Tera Warner’s 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover. It starts on July 15thand has a complete outline of just how this makeover is going to be. It starts with a 7-day prep week that prepares you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then it’s off to your complete body, beauty, and lifestyle makeover! There is so much offered in this program that you are sure to continue with your daily routine long after the 30-days are up. Click here to learn more about this program.
 Another great program out there for getting on track is Dr. Ritamarie’s B4 Be Gone System. It provides training and education for a full 30-day metabolic reset. This program also provides full support and course materials to help you on your path to better health and beauty.
There are other great programs to look into as well. Paul Nison, the Health Watchman, provides coaching, retreats, and other great resources for health and well-being. I know that David Wolfe, a leading authority on nutrition offers programs specifically focused on nutrition and longevity. I’m not here to tell you which program is better. I’m here to let you know that support is available to all. We all need to reset from time to time, I’m in need of that right now!
In fact, I have begun already. I have been limiting the amount of food I eat – mainly the types of food I eat, while increasing the amount of fresh fruit and greens, and water I have every day. I’m trying to not eat till late hours in the night. This is still a challenge for me, but I’m working on it. Also, I’m exercising again, and trying to increase the number of hours a night I sleep. Well, sleep is the challenge I have. Once I get my son off to college I hope to spend more time blogging about my health journey again.
For now, keeping checking back as I plan to post articles soon on the topics of Irritable Bowel, and the importance of Sleep.
Here’s to your health!
– Debbie

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