More from the Magically Mysterious Raw Recipe Book

As promised, I am sharing with you another fabulous recipe that I sampled from the Magically Mysterious Raw Recipe Book. Created byPadmapani Little Sky (aka Meredith Frantz), and her husband H.H. Little Sky Ph.D (aka Dustin Kellogg). For those of you who don’t know of them, they are the creators and hosts of the website,, and blogspot,

This recipe is Vanilla Birthday Cake, with Chocolate “Buttercream” (two recipes for one). All I have to say is “OMG!” This recipe makes the most incredible raw cake I have ever made or ate. It is so incredibly moist for a raw cake – and rich with flavor! The frosting is so creamy, and the perfect consistency for frosting. There’s nothing like it – not raw anyway! Best part of all, my family absolutely loved it! This cake will be gone in a flash. I guarantee it!

To learn more about this great e-book, Magically Mysterious Raw Recipe Book or to purchase a copy for yourself, ready my review. Proceeds support their Bleu Bee Project.



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