Would You Consider This Radical?

If I were to ask you to eat a raw food diet, would you consider that to be a radical diet? (I think most people would!)

Or would you consider eating pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and other manufactured chemicals found in everyday foods to be radical?

It’s a pretty interesting question to ask…

Alex Ortner, producer of the film “Simply Raw” sat down with Mike Adams, one of the world’s leading consumer advocates on health and well-being, to discuss this topic.

The interview is another eye-opening interview in the 100% free Simply Raw Video Series that has been released over the last week.

Just like all the videos in this Series, this video is a down to earth interview that must be seen by anyone who cares about their health…

If you want real solutions to real health problems then I highly suggest you see this video:

Raw for Life

Unfortunately a whole lot of false information from the food and drug industry has been put out to the public to keep them ignorant to the truths discussed in this video.

They’ve put billions of dollars into keeping us ignorant with advertisements that say ridiculous things like “high fructose corn syrup is fine in moderation.”

Now I know that you’re smarter than to believe their nonsense…especially if you’ve been watching the Simply
Raw Video Series over the last week.

And I hope you’ll be smart enough to watch this video as well…

This 100% free video series has been getting amazing reviews for it’s eye opening information (over 2,000 comments in just 7 days…)

Raw for Life

I hope you watch!

To your health,



One thought on “Would You Consider This Radical?

  1. Love the post 🙂 One thing I had conversation about once was why is it that the "right" kind of diets (raw, organic, etc.) are the ones that have to have adjectives, when in fact these diets are historically way more "conventional" than having to use pesticides, hormones, genetic modification, or even al sorts of cooking techniques? Why do we need to distinguish ourselves? Like you said, why are we the ones who are "radical"? History is actually on our side on this one because "organic" food and healthy non-processed diets have been around much longer!

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