A special review of the Magically Mysterious Raw Recipe Book

Recently I purchased a wonderful and creative raw recipe book created by Padmapani Little Sky (aka Meredith Frantz), and her husband H.H. Little Sky Ph.D (aka Dustin Kellogg) – two of the cutest and sweetest, extremely creative and fun-loving people you could ever know, and I haven’t even met them personally…yet! For those of you who don’t know of them, they are the creators and hosts of the website, www.PoppySeedTree.com, and blogspot, www.TheRawSeed.com. Being the artsy-fartsy that I am, I absolutely love creative and spiritually loving, and fun people. You can just tell by the way this couple presents themselves on video, and in the way that Meredith writes, that they are two people you should definitely get to know.

This raw, artistic couple is not your ordinary raw food couple – they are on a mission – a mission to live on a converted, self-sufficient raw bus. “That’s right, a bus.” They have been renovating an old school bus into a magical palace on wheels – uniquely named the Bleu Bee! It will run on vegetable oil, and will be wind and solar powered. They will use this bus to travel the countryside, attend events, visit new people, and old friends and family, teach, learn, love and share. It is the perfect magical mystery trip of all time! It would be great to see them through this project, and start their magical mystery tour. I know that they would share this journey with all of us through their videos and blogs. You can learn more about this project by clicking here: http://www.poppyseedtree.com/magicalmysterybusproject.html

So, the reason for all the background is this wonderful recipe book that Meredith created to help raise money to support their Bleu Bee Project. The Little Sky’s need your support, and every little bit helps. They recently received several phenomenal sponsors, Kaia Foods being one of them, as well as The Raw Food World (my favorite online raw food store ever!). The really cool thing about it is the recipe book is fantastic! I have made several recipes so far in a period of a week, and every recipe has been an absolute, delicious, and rawsome hit around my house and at work! I haven’t had one nose turned up yet. And everything I’ve made has disappeared in a matter of hours, at the most a day or two…now that’s good raw grub!

To give you a little insight into what I’ve made so far, check it out:

Chick-un Nuggets (the best un-nugget recipe I have ever tried)

Fermented Nut Cheese (the best I have made, thanks to this great, easy, and delicious recipe)

Sunflower Rye Bread (now my absolute favorite raw bread ever!)

An Ice Cream Three Way (Ice cream is always good – yum, yum!)

Chocolate Mousse Pie (to die for chocolate creamy, dream pie!!!)

My photos do not do the recipes justice, but I can promise you they are ALL GOOD!!!

Next I plan to make the recipe for Vanilla Birthday Cake, The Hummus Among Us, Cucumber Dill Dressing, and the Asian Ginger Dressing. I’ll let you know how they turn out! GREAT, I’m sure!!!

I could go on and on, but instead, I want you to link to the website and order a copy for yourself. I know you won’t be disappointed, and the money is for a great cause! Here’s to the Little Sky’s – may the magical mystery “Bleu Bee Bus” bring you all the adventure, love, and magic you anticipate to have and more!”

Blessings and Peace!=)

– Debbie

3 thoughts on “A special review of the Magically Mysterious Raw Recipe Book

  1. I so agree! Not only do I agree that Meredith and Dustin are fantastic people, but I’ve actually never had a recipe book (until this one!) where every single recipe is absolutely no fail and tastes delicious!

    If you’re interested, I actually posted on almost every recipe back in March-April 2010 on my own blog because I loved them so much!

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