The Fat Tax Debate

Should There Be A Tax On Fatty Foods?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the proposed law that would tax fatty foods, such as fast food restaurant  foods. It’s regarded as the “Fat Tax” and it’s a very serious thing! Just as tobacco and alcohol now have a higher special tax, so would the “fatty food” industry. This came about as a “call to action” because of the epidemic proportions of obese people in the U.S., as well as the world. We seem to be getting fatter and fatter every year! In just the past 10 years, the rate of obesity has dramatically increased from 200 million to 300 million. Now that’s a lot of FAT! In fact, obesity is running rapid all across the globe, mostly due to the Western way of eating being introduced into the cultures of other countries – “Welcome McDonald’s and Burger King!”

The idea behind this “fat tax” is the hope that it would create a small deterrent towards the consumption of these high-fat, poor nutrient foods, resulting in the reduction of obesity. The idea of a “fat tax” has also been suggested to other countries as well. By reducing the amount of obese people, the excessive costs for health care will also be reduced – which is universally great for both individuals and society! Obesity is a serious epidemic, leading to a large number of health problems, including high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune disorders (to name a few). Obesity causes hundreds of thousands of deaths each year for both young and old. Something needs to be done. People shouldn’t be so arrogant when others try to educate and help with eating a more nutritious diet to cleanse and heal their bodies. Fast food, no matter how you break it down, is not fresh nutritious food. “Sorry, it’s the fat and sugars that make you crave more!”

“Should there be a tax on fatty foods?”

People are Getting Fatter and Fatter Every Year at Epidemic Proportions!

The debate for a fat tax is an issue – people want to have a choice!  

The debate for a fat tax becomes an issue, since a large number of people do not want their government telling them how to live, and making them pay for it. There is the issue that diet is not the only consideration for overall health – but exercise needs to be looked at too. Then there is the concern about eating disorders for those with physiological disorders – not directly related to “fatty foods” so to speak. Since much of the public is over weight or obese, the idea of this fat tax has been up against much criticism – most people do not like to be told they have a “problem” – much less pay for it. They want to have the choice.

Well, choice or not, freedom from governed control or not, we have a serious pandemic on our hands! Look around you, every day I meet more and more people, from very young to very old, suffering from serious chronic illnesses, and diseases. People are suffering and dying, right and left, all from how they live and eat! We are a country “hopped-up” on pharmaceuticals to survive. We can’t live without our chemicals, because our food is poison! We are like drug addicts. The pusher is the big pharmaceutical companies, and corporate food monsters – they are pushing us into the need. We are addicted to these poisons! We spend millions and billions of dollars every year as a society paying for our bad food and bad health! We are so worried about being regulated and controlled – yet we already are! It’s just that it’s not the government – it’s Corporate America!

Obesity is a Disease of the Industrial Era!

A “fat tax” may not be the answer – but something needs to be done!  

I don’t know if a “fat tax” is the answer. But I do know that we all have to do something. A healthy body and healthy mind are very important to successful survival of the planet and our species. If we care at all about our future, we need to take care of our present. We can help heal the planet, heal the economy, heal our bodies and minds, and heal our souls by taking back our health, eating fresh raw and living foods, minimizing the amount of processed, packaged foods, sustaining the planet in the process, and thriving as a species! Obesity is the disease of the industrial era. We were not born to be fat! We were born to thrive on the fruits of the earth! So, “fat tax” or not, we need to do something to motivate and educate the public to take back control. Perhaps we tax the corporate giants who impose this sickness upon us. Make them pay! Or perhaps we all ban together, creating programs to make being healthy through natural sustainable means possible, affordable, and attainable. Think about it… “Should there be a tax on fatty foods?”

Take Back Control of Your Health!

Consider a Raw Food Diet – Learn More!

What is your opinion on the subject? I want to hear from you… 

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