Brain Conditioning and Maintenance

8 Ways to Increase Brain Function and Improve Brain Health:

1) Eat healthy snacks, such as raw almonds, walnuts and blueberries. These snacks help improve cognition, and keep the brain functioning correctly due to the high antioxidant properties, and omega-3s. Walnuts can improve mood and reduce inflammation that can lead to killing brain cells. It also replaces the loss of melatonin, also necessary for a healthy, happy brain.

2) “Dance the night away!” Dancing is a super-power brain activity that activates brain motor centers that form new neural connections. It also reduces brain stress.

3) Go for a walk. Walking helps blood flow to the brain, and lowers blood sugar, improving clear thinking.

4) Believe it or not – play video games! Video games that offer brain teasers, and challenge you to master the computer, all boost the formation of new neural connections, and help with response time and memory – plus it’s lots of fun!

5) Stimulate the brain by learning something new, reading, or doing cross word puzzles, and so forth. All these activities help keep the mind fresh, and active, and help with preventing dementia – and learning something new is always beneficial.

6) Find ways to relieve undue stress, as well as control anger. Don’t allow the stress of anger, or stressful relations overwhelm you. Take time to cool down, and retreat. Chronic anger, and stressful situations, creates chronic stress and shrinks the memory centers in the brain. Get support to help cope better, and learn new ways of interacting and managing stress.

7) Mediate. Meditation helps lessen feelings of depression and anxiety.

8) Get plenty of restful sleep. Poor sleep or lack of rest is one of the most detrimental things to the brain. Sleeping is when the brain consolidates memories. Medical conditions that cause sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, or insomnia, interfere with rest and can cause more serious brain health issues. Try relaxing or meditating before bed, even light yoga – anything that will reduce the stress hormone, cortisol.

Books on Brain Health

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