The best raw truffles ever – Blackbird Naturals!

Blackbird Naturals Cacao Fudge Truffles – the best raw truffles ever! The first time I ever heard about these incredible truffles was from a fellow blogger and rawfoodist, Debbie Young of Debbie Does Raw who posted it on her blogspot back in April of this year. I was also pleasantly surprised and fascinated, when I found out that these delicious raw confections were an original product created by Raw Model’s Anthony Anderson, in partnership with the beautiful and adorable, environmentally conscious Alexandra Maw, and her wonderful mom, Andrea. The more fun and wonderful posts I read from Debbie’s blog and from Anthony’s about these incredible truffles, and about the Blackbird Naturals company, the more I just had to try them for myself!

It’s probably been just a couple of months, when I finally discovered these raw chocolate jewels at Whole Foods in Chandler, AZ. I was so excited! Would you believe the first package I purchased didn’t even make it home? That’s right, I couldn’t wait, so I ate just one when I got into my car to leave the store. Well, the experience was unforgettable, that I couldn’t contain myself. I ended up eating the whole package before making it home! So, I purchased another package during the week – which ended up in my tummy within two days! These truffles are crazy good!

I know this sounds over-the-top for a review, but seriously, all that I’ve talked to who have had the chance to taste these truffles agree – “it’s addicting!”

What made my experience and love for these truffles grow even stronger, was when I had the great opportunity of meeting the Blackbird Naturals‘ family in person. I first met Alexandra at Whole Foods one Saturday afternoon as she was offering a demo of the truffles. I recognized her immediately and introduced myself. Alexandra is even more adorable and sweet as can be in person! We briefly chatted, and she let me know when they would be back at Whole Foods again to demo. I returned that next time and finally got to meet Anthony – and just like Alexandra, Anthony is even more charming in person too! I love these two – they are just great!

Another fine and wonderful thing that the Blackbird Naturals‘ family is doing, is speaking to schools, and at Whole Foods about backyard gardening, superfoods, a cacao superfood smoothie demo, and about all things being green. They are great presenters, and truly genuine in their passion. That’s probably why the truffles are so exceptionally good – because of the love and passion that went into making these handmade chocolate rawsome goodies!!!

If you’d like to try these truffles for yourself, you can visit the Blackbird Naturals’ website, or purchase them here.

Blackbird Naturals Cacao Fudge TrufflesProduct Details

– Handmade truffles.

– Contain six organic, healthy, raw ingredients.

– No added sweeteners.

– Contains organic dates for sweetness.

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One thought on “The best raw truffles ever – Blackbird Naturals!

  1. Hey Debbie
    This is a great testimonial to not only the truffles but just how incredible Dolly , Anthony and Andrea are!
    I love my Blackbird Tribe.. and those yummy truffles!

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