Kardea Gourmet Nutrition Bars

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving products from Kardea Nutrition to sample and blog about. Kardea is one of my first real opportunities to provide a requested product review, and to try something new. I received a package of 4 delicious and nutritious food bars, the Kardea Gourmet Nutrition Bar sampler pack. The four bars consisted of a Cranberry Almond, Banana Nut, Chai Spice, and my favorite the Lemon Ginger bar. All four bars were fantastic!

In addition to the magnificent flavor and consistency of these bars, was the great nutritional value of each bar too. The bars include 7g Fiber, 7g Protein, and 4.5g of Healthy Fats (from the almonds). They are low Glycemic making them the perfect snack food for diabetics; low in calories – only 150 in each bar, making them perfect for weight loss or weight maintenance; and they are low in saturated fat, low in sodium, and no trans fats either, so they are heart healthy too; and they are Kosher-Certified. Best of all they are Vegan!

These bars are so yummy, I ate my samples within three days, instead of four. You can purchase these delicious bars through Amazon.com, local retailers such as Whole Foods (for a list of retailers click here), and through the Kardea websites, www.KardeaNutrition.com, and www.KardeaGourmet.com.

For more information about Kardea Nutrition, visit their website. I hope you take the opportunity to try these delicious bars for yourself. They are super delish!!! =)

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