Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake Extravaganza!

So Heather Pace has created another wonderful dessert e-book, and another fun and tasty raw food challenge! Introducing Heathy’s The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake. Grab a copy of the “Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake” Recipe eBook for $9.97. Create your own Raw Ice Cream Cake, adding up to 10 ingredient changes of your choice! Challenge Ends: Saturday, May 15, 2010 at midnight.

For my entry I decided to stick to basically all the same recipes and ingredients and just assemble the dessert differently. I decided to create a Neapolitan styled ice cream cake with the brownie crust and top, and drizzle the wonderful sauces and crunchies on top. I call it my Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake Extravaganza! It took about three days total to create the cake, and about 10 minutes to assemble the final touches. I think all in all it came out great! And the flavors are fantastic! I love Heathy’s recipes for the ice creams and the sauces – they are really fabulous, easy and delicious!!!

I know for over all creativity I’m probably lacking, but I had fun doing this just the same! There are a lot of beautiful entries already made! As always, Heathy made this fun, challenging, and yummo!

So, if you’d like the recipe for this wonderful ice cream cake treat, please purchase Heathy’s e-book. The rest is quite easy to do!!! Enjoy!

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