A day in the life of Raw Debbie – Part V

Okay, it’s been about 2 maybe 3 days since I last blogged about just little ol’ me. I did just post a fun “21 Raw Questions” response to a great blog post by Bitt of Bitt of Raw blog. You should check it out for yourself.

As for eating and life, well, I honestly can’t remember all that I ate yesterday. I do believe I had my usual smoothies in the morning and the evening – same with today. I know I had my salad roll-ups both yesterday and today, and my fruit bowls, and my raw cacao balls, and raw crackers. I cheated on chips (as I seem to keep doing), and had my tea (I’m actually having a cup right now). So, nothing different or unusual for me. However, the one thing that’s still constant is I’m not getting to bed early enough for the time I rise in the morning, and I’m eating late cause of it. In fact, it’s 11:16pm right now. I know, I should stop and go to bed right now. Easier said than done. I need to wind down first.

Plus, I didn’t get my exercise in. I do plan to make a super effort to do yoga tomorrow after work. So I really need to stick to my guns on this! I know that once school is out for Summer, and the stress on my son is lessened, the anxiety will become minimal, and I will be more relieved as well. Dealing with a super intelligent, teen-aged son with OCD can be challenging. Especially when the mother (me), has OCD too. =)

On another note, I’m feeling pretty good about my direction, and my future. I just need to focus on cleaning up those things around me that keep me from moving forward. I feel I can do a better job at that, now that the fear is gone. Plus, positive affirmations always help too!

I don’t know if you knew this, but I have another blogsite, www.LifeElementsRawk.com, for the purpose of marketing and selling Elements for Life products. They are the wonderful raw super foods that many raw foodies like myself distribute. However, I will confess, I am the only one buying for myself. I’ve been a distributor now for about a year. I absolutely love the products, but they are a bit pricey. It’s difficult during these economic times to continue with anything that isn’t creating the return that’s needed, and is more of a financial burden. As for this particular venture, I’m on a fence. I didn’t make my required monthly purchase in April due to lack of funds. I will probably lose my distributorship and my initial investment if I don’t make it soon. I just don’t have it to spare right now. Then I think to myself that maybe I should just let it lapse, and consider it in the future. I have enjoyed the products, but really can’t afford to keep up with the purchase requirements – especially if I’m not selling any. It kind of reminds me of Amway.

Plus, there are so many individuals out there that are distributing these products too. Perhaps they are also having the same issues as me, I’m not sure. I just know that it’s not passive income for me, and costing me more right now. I have some major goals…one of them is to rid myself of any unnecessary debt, including unsecured debts. This is most challenging, and will take some time. However, I’m also trying to offset that by increasing my income through multiple streams of revenue. Writing, publishing, and selling raw books is one of those streams. So far that’s working, and I’m glad. It’s actually helped raise money to help pay our mortgage two months in a row. You see, right now we are a one-family income (my income), and have been for about 8 months. It’s been a struggle, but we are managing. I know that this too shall pass, but in the meantime I need to stay focused on getting through it.

My other goal is to be more involved with educating others on the benefits of a living and whole food lifestyle, specifically a high raw food diet lifestyle. I want to help with the efforts to provide better lunches to our children, and to help others help themselves to minimize if not rid themselves altogether of deadly diseases and illnesses that are a direct link to food and lifestyle. To do this I want to improve my own education and lifestyle, so I can be more effective. That is why it’s so important for me to take care of these immediate needs I have.

I also want to help my son to achieve his personal goals through education, and experiences. College is just around the corner, so we need to prepare the best we can. Brad is an amazing kid. I know he will do well in life, regardless of the challenge. I’m so happy that he wants me to be a big part of his life. =)

I have other goals as well, but first things first. Health, which means eating habits, rest, and exercise. Then finances, reduce financial burdens by eliminating unnecessary debts and expenses. And focus on service and personal direction…you get the idea.

Well, I think I have exhausted this post, it’s time for bed! Have a great night, and thanks for stopping by!



Look for another recipe post later this week, on www.RawRifficFood.com!

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