A day in the life of Raw Debbie – continuing with my journal…

It got too late to blog last night. I spent a lot of quality time with my son, so I didn’t want to disrupt the flow by stopping and blogging. However, my son wanted to write a post for me, and so I let him. He created a delicious raw green smoothie that he named the Greeni-Colada. He wrote a very informative post along with the recipe. You can read the post on my Raw-Riffic Food’s Recipe blog. Click here.

As for the diet yesterday, well let’s just say it was not a balanced day at all! I started off on the right foot with a delicious superfood, cacao-berry smoothie, but it was downhill from there (to some degree). Here’s the rest:

1 Berry-Ginger Kombucha tea (okay, but too much sugar)
1 plain Vega Vibrancy Bar (okay to eat)
1 green Vega Vibrancy Bar (okay to eat)
1 piece of Volcano sushi (spicy raw tuna with rice wrapped in nori – small roll) (okay…my treat)
1 piece of Rockin’ Roll sushi (smoked eal, sauce with rice wrapped in nori – small roll) (okay…my treat)
1 piece of Salmon roll sushi (very small roll with raw salmon and rice wrapped in nori) (okay…my treat)
1 organic chocolate bar (ginger and 70% cacao) (not really the best choice, but simple ingredients – no additional processed crap – however not raw)
1 banana (small)
1-2 handfuls organic wheat chips (not the best – too much sea salt)
3-4 slices raw bread (adapted from an Ani Phyo recipe) (good too eat)
1 Greeni-Colada smoothie (mentioned in this post) (very good!)
1 sandwich (2 slices of Ezykl bread, organic peanut butter on 1 slice, raw almond butter on the other slice, and slices of banana) (okay, but I ate this at 2:30am – not good at all!)
1 cup of herb tea (2:30am – not the best time to be having anything!)

So you get the picture. I was up till 3:30am in the morning. “Why?” you ask. Well, because we watched a movie late last night, and then afterward I had to cleanup the kitchen from earlier in the evening. It seems to be a pattern we have on Saturdays. I don’t even drink any more, so there’s really no reason for me to be up late, except the household is up later, which is a disruption.

The one thing that I didn’t get to eat was enough greens yesterday. I ate too much natural fat and sugar, and not enough true living foods. Because I was so busy running errands yesterday, helping in the yard, and being with my family on their terms, I did not have time to truly sit down and eat properly according to my needs. So now today I feel puffy, my tummy is okay (amazingly enough), but I don’t feel my best. Plus, another day went by with no yoga or exercise for me – not good at all!!!

It’s already 10:53am. I’ve only been up for about 40 minutes. I need to stop for now and get some breakfast (a nice smoothies or fresh fruit), and then take care of some business. Maybe I can fit some yoga in today. We’ll definitely make a big effort too.

I’ll be honest. I don’t know how long I can keep posting these daily journals like this. I don’t know how “boring” it really is to my readers. I’m currently doing it to bring awareness to myself. I want to be a better example for my readers. I thought by putting myself out there like this I will start to really look inward and make some definite changes for the better. My ultimate goal is to help others help themselves, as well as help me to all live healthier, happier lives. Time goes by too quickly to just let it pass by without thought.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a fabulous Sunday!


– Debbie

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