A day in the life of Raw Debbie – Part IV

Sorry for not posting my daily journal entry last night. I actually ran out of time and energy, since I was talking with my son, watching Medium, and making nut mylk. Anyway, yesterday I had my morning MSM with water, but no lemon – since we didn’t have any lemons. So here’s what I ate yesterday:

Cacao berry smoothie – my usual daily smoothie (see previous posts for ingredients)

Fruit bowl – plum, banana, kiwi, Champaign mango, cacao nibs, hemp seed, and bee pollen, plus a few drops of chocolate liquid SweetLeaf stevia.

Amazing Grass bar – my favorite.

The morning was okay…then I took a long lunch and went to Whole Foods to get some of my grocery shopping done before the weekend. This is when I over did it:

My usual salad wrap (see previous posts) I ate two of them.
3 Rawkin Chocolate Truffles (more on this item – really good!)
1 Peppermint Luna bar (why, I don’t know…I thought I was still hungary)

1 Chocolate Carmel Luna bar (again, I don’t know why…)

I did drink lots of water yesterday, I mean lots!!!

Oh, and I also had a Kombucha…that’s probably why I craved all the bars (sugar)…

When I got home last night I had 1 more salad wrap (which was fine), a delicious green smoothie (Brazil nut protein, vanilla bean, spinach, Revitaphi green powders, mango, pineapple, raw honey, stevia, bee pollen, coconut water, and ice. These smoothies are always yummo!

But then, later I had a handful of organic wheat chips (not too bad, but I’m trying to stay away from this). Oh, I forgot, we also ate the raw popcorn I made…not my favorite, but not too bad…and finally I did have 3 T of my raw chocolate ice cream.

And right before bed, I had my usual herb tea.

So, I’m still probably eating more than necessary, but I’m trying to be more conscious of it. I do have to say that my stomach felt the best last night and today…it’s been a while.

I’m really interested in trying to find balance in my life. I know that some of the things I need to work on is trying to get ahead of my financial situation for the sake of my family. I know in my heart that with my determination, and focus, this will soon pass and we will be on top again. Then I can focus more on those things I truly am passionate about, such as spreading the word of good health through an organic, high raw food lifestyle, preferably vegan or close to it, through sunshine, water, rest, and spiritual enlightenment. I would love to help others help themselves, and travel the world to do so.
Well, that’s it for now. I’ll post more tonight to go over today.


–    Debbie

Please forgive the horrible spelling… =)

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