A day in the life of Raw Debbie

So today I decided to start blogging about my life and how I am incorporating the raw food diet into my lifestyle. I want to write about the ups and downs, and the challenges. I feel it’s necessary to do this, since I’m working on moving towards the next phase of my life and my long-term goals.

First off, my personal health goals are to not only lose weight and keep it off, but to fight off degenerative diseases that come with aging. I’m 46 years young, but find with each year some physical things are becoming more challenging. Fortunately I did transition to a high raw food lifestyle back in August 2007. It was the best possible thing I could have done for myself. I’m reaping the benefits each and every day from doing so.

However, living this does come with it’s challenges. For instance, I’ve been under a lot of physical and mental stress lately. Not necessarily negative stress – but stress. I haven’t been getting enough sleep…I’m literally averaging about 4-5 hours per night – very unhealthy! Because of the lack of sleep, I’ve been eating more – not bad junk food – just too much food in general. I’m eating too late at night, too often, and too fast. I’ve been suffering from major bloat. Although I did a cleanse in March, the way I feel and look today is like I never cleansed at all – that sad! Thank goodness I eat a lot of dark leafy greens on a daily basis, and plenty of fresh fruit! Even so, I’m still having digestion issues.

I am back on a “chip” kick again. I’ve been eating organic cooked chips lately. Organic or not – it’s still chips with mega salt (sea salt), and cooked in oils…I finally said “STOP DEBBIE!” I know that eating those chips have added to my tummy trouble. I finally started making my own raw chips again – thanks to a friend at work who has been letting me use her Ronco dehydrator. My own dehydrator finally took a dive. I’m currently not in a financial position to replace it, so it’s nice to have such giving friends who share. In return, I make her raw goodies in it. She keeps wanting to pay me, but I won’t let her. Letting me use the dehydrator indefinitely is payment enough.

I recently started two different raw food challenges; I’m participating in another raw food initiative through the Raw Food Rehab, and one through Raw Fu called GeekedFu. Both programs could be incredibly helpful – however, I’ve had a tough time being focused due to my crazy schedule, and lack of sleep. I’m somewhat frustrated.

On another note, I am so grateful that my Raw-Riffic Food’s Raw Food Basics book is doing well. I have sold quite a few in just a very short while. It means so much to me, as part of my personal mission it to provide resources that I create myself to help empower, and inspire others to take back their life and personal health, and feel good! Plus, it gives me an opportunity to be creative too, and hopefully manifest income to help meet my obligations and responsibilities. I’m very proud of both of my published books. I put a lot of time and heart into producing them both. I love collecting raw food books myself – and really enjoyed creating my own to contribute to my collection…it was truly a positive experience. An experience I hope to have over again. In fact, I would love the opportunity to write and publish more books that are similar, as well as help others to publish their book creations too.

So starting tomorrow I’m going to start keeping a public journal on my blog about what I have eaten for the day, and if any exercise was done. Oh yeah! That’s the other thing I’ve been missing out on lately – exercise! Ever since my yoga teacher had to quit, I haven’t been to a yoga class since. I tried to do yoga at home, but found I wasn’t disciplined enough to do it on my own. I think I’m too easily distracted by what needs to be done, instead of focusing on my yoga. That’s why yoga class works!

Well, speaking of sleep, I should probably go to bed now. It’s already 11:18pm in the evening, and I’ve been up since 5:00am…I’m definitely tired. I will write more tomorrow, and include menus. Thank you for any feedback you can provide, or any supportive comments or advise…it’s always appreciated and welcome!

Till next time,
God Bless!

-Debbie =)

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