Apitherapy Raw Honey from Honey Gardens – the best raw honey you can find!!!

Today’s product review focuses on raw honey, Apitherapy Raw Honey from Honey Gardens, located in Vermont. Apitherapy has to be the best raw honey I have every tasted! The texture is pure gold, the flavor is incredibly rich and smooth, and the health benefits are out-of-this-world!!!

Raw honey is a major super food! It has incredible medicinal and healing properties, and is high in nutrition. Honey is great for digestion, and contains high levels of disease-fighting antioxidants. Honey is the perfect solution for respiratory ailments such as the common cold or sore throat, and is a great replacement for sugar. The benefits of honey are endless! (Learn more about raw honey as a super food here).

The quality of raw honey is important, and that’s why I choose Honey Gardens Apitherapy raw honeys over any other raw honey on the market that I have seen or tried so far!

Apitherapy comes in several raw honey varieties, including:
Northern Fall Goldenrod Honey
Northern Summer Wildflower Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Blueberry honey

The Orange Blossom Honey happens to be my all time FAVORITE!!!

Besides the incredible Apitherapy Raw Honey products, Honey Gardens also offers several other bee bi-products:

Elderberry Syrup – a natural elderberry syrup sweetened with honey to be used during the cold season, containing vitamin C.

Wild Cherry Syrup – a natural healthful syrup made from wild cherry bark and sweetened with raw honey, used to support the respiratory system.

Honey Gardens also carries other wonderful products such as Honey Wine, Beeswax, Propolis spray and lip balm, the best fresh bee pollen you can find, candles made from beeswax, as well as heated honey. You can also find fresh raw kelp (another super food), and a variety of books, dvds, soaps, and shirts. All natural products!

Apitherapy Raw Honey, as well as some of the other Honey Gardens products can be found at your local Whole Foods store, and online. Request this fine product to be sold at your other favorite natural stores…

To learn more about Honey Gardens, and the Apitherapy Raw Honey brand, visit them at www.honeygardens.com.

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